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  1.   Ryou likes the fresh smell of pantsu~
  2. I almost lost you..

  3. ideas for victory quotes

    hm.. here's one: "well that just happened!" right after you got a freaking perfect and your friends are all like "wtf!?"
  4. CvS Bluestreak By Diepod and Jesuszilla

    Looks pretty cool..Also like that its CvS style..
  5. Holy crap..Graduation is coming up in a matter of months..cant wait!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Websta


      Congrats mew

    3. NeoGeoKitsune


      Congratulations are in order.

    4. Dark Storm

      Dark Storm

      Congratulations you lucky son of a gun!! :D

  6. Happy New Year EVERYONE!

    I just hope things are better this year.. Also happy late new years
  7. men with female avatars in the world of mugen

    hm.... either way...I'm not a undercover furry end of story.
  8. Bruce Faulconer-DBZ OST was the best

    1. BlazEdge21


      Ah..I love Dbz's ost

    2. SuperCatMeow
    3. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Dbz Ost is great but i like Saint Seya Ost More

  9. men with female avatars in the world of mugen

    Ahaha! Undercover furries.. Sure....I am. I only put female avatars cause i'm attracted to animals with human qualities.. Make out the logic of that statement..
  10. WellThe calander ended lol

  11. Tommorrow WE GUNNA DIE!! ;p

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    2. BlazEdge21


      lol rare your so serious about this haha! (sarcasm)

    3. Flandre Scarlet

      Flandre Scarlet


    4. Noside


      How fucking positive Mew. :3

  12. Who has the best moustache?

    Lol he does have one awesome mustache~!
  13. Im using pink text and changing the way i talk..but dont assume im gay lol I have a gf

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    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      it good to change once in a while, like i do with avi and sigs

    3. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      lol it wouldnt had mattered if u were gay rare , we dont do the discrimination thing here at MFFA & if someone gives anyone shit because there gay, theyll be gone , a person's sexual orientation here on MFFA is their own damn business

    4. raremew


      thanks zombie. :)

  14. Leaving For a Week or so

    He's just going to texas lol I live in texas it's not that bad...well in certain places it is ._.