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  1. I'm hungry... 

  2. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series. Arcana Hearts. Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFSO_IXWpGw
  4. Hey Josh. Welcome aboard mate!
  5. The site has definitely changed a lot since I've been here. 

    1. GarchompMatt


      That it has. It's a bit harder to find content you've posted in now :P

    2. raremew


      I do like the layout a little better though. 

  6. Thank you!
  7. Thanks! :P
  8. That sounds great. Im glad to Be back.
  9. thanks everyone, i hope i can get on a good page wiith all of you again. i've missed you guys lol
  10. Hello everyone, how are all of you..? For those who don't know me, I used to be on this site quite often, so in that case i'm a returning member. For those who do know me, well, I hope that I can be a part of the forums again. Now, I know that i used to be an immature little brat awhile back, and i'm not exactly happy with how i behaved. I kinda caused a big problem that i didnt want to via making fake personas. I realize now it was stupid, and i should not have done that. so, if anyone who knew me before is reading this, i'm terribly sorry for all the crap I caused with multiple accounts on here. I have matured a lot since I left so i do not plan on doing any of that again. Other than that I hope things can go well and I can be more active on here.
  11. Ryou likes the fresh smell of pantsu~
  12. I almost lost you..

  13. hm.. here's one: "well that just happened!" right after you got a freaking perfect and your friends are all like "wtf!?"