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  1. Yo, happy birthday, You Retro Fanatic 🙂

  2. Ah, I see you are the only person that made Mike from Street Fighter 1 (the original) a MUGEN one else has done that, as for the rest...well, I can tell you this...these are certainly legendary
  3. Somehow when I look at that Giant somehow reminded me of Attack on Titan
  4. Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
  5. Despacito: The Video Game


    Coming Never in a million years

    1. Noside


      Good cause' Despacito sucks sour-salty balls.

  6. So, Simon Belmont's now in Castlevania fans can die happy....oh and Richter Belmont is there too (He's just an echo fighter of Simon)... Just thought to point out the obvious....also Chrom's there, I think he's a echo fighter of Lucina who is a echo fighter of Marth....Echoception perhaps?

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    2. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Eh, I don't mind Fire Emblem characters being in Smash too much....sometimes, it's just good because of the fanservice....and fangirls

    3. Rintendo


      Tharja is best girl! so sad that a lot of people hate her because she's overrated...

    4. Cook4251


      Smash 4= Fire Emblem Edition.



  7. So....SNK turned Terry Bogard who appeared in the Fatal Fury series (just in case if you KOF fans thought that Terry debuted in KOF 94) into a woman in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (I think that's what they call it)....and I don't know how I feel about this...what's next, are they gonna make Kyo a woman too? or are they just gonna add Miss X (which is just Iori Yagami, just in case you forget who Miss X is)?

  8. Maybe the problem is that your computer is not powerful enough to run this bonus game....that's my guess in anyway
  9. I won't recommend Mr. Seek 2.0....mostly because he makes lazy characters....ya know the one *Cough* Clown Nosed Luigi *Cough*
  10. I only have one unpopular opinion - Overwatch should have gotten Story Mode....just saying
  11. the Bomberman franchise was dead since Bomberman: Act Zero...and if you ever played that, at least you had the balls

  12. And here we have Mr. Tabris666 and his sockpuppet accounts downvoting posts like a bunch of spoiled brats...can't say i'm surprised since it's to be expected, after all...why else would they downvote posts like spoiled brats :haha_dunk_by_pineapple_soup-d8ryyed:

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    2. The Auditor

      The Auditor seriously think i'm Dissidia? HA! that's a laugh, great joke get out

    3. princessbitch02


      pero eres dissidia lo unico distinto es que es tu cuenta alterna con icono distinto.

      escribes igual que el  el hecho que reniegas ser chicano apunta mas a dissidia (chicano de mierda) al escribir solo en ingles.

    4. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      HAHAHA! your jokes couldn't be more funnier then that, you should take a job at a stand-up comedy guy...nobody cares what you think, everything you say is just so funny to me :=D:

  13. List of Characters - 8-Bit Shadow Dio (by The Magic Toaster) - Akebono Taro (by The Magic Toaster) - DOI (by ZETA) - Ettoman (by The Magic Toaster) - G-01 (by ZETA) - Hero M (by The Magic Toaster) - Influenza (by The Magic Toaster) - Jack2 (by The Magic Toaster) - Karaage (by The Magic Toaster) - Ken Asuka (by ZETA) - Koizumi (by ZETA) - Low (by ZETA) - Mai Kawasumi (by ZETA) - MAOU (by ZETA) - Megane (by The Magic Toaster) - No Motion Ryu (by The Magic Toaster) - Pope Benedict (by The Magic Toaster) - Priestess (by NotAGoodName) - Psy (by ZETA) - Quack (by The Magic Toaster) - Riria (by ZETA) - Rushim (by The Magic Toaster) - Sesame (by The Magic Toaster) - Unber (by The Magic Toaster) - Unlaughmaker (by The Magic Toaster) - VK-2 (by ZETA) - Yuichiro (by JAG) - Monako Ogura (by Tokei) - Haggar Mario (by Wara) (Password: mugen) - Valkyrie (by Yoshida Luigi) - Utsutsu (by Mer) (Alternate) - Tuyoshi (by Gyuki) (AI patch by 亞 ) - Emily (by Mer) - Byakko (by Mer) - Sakura Kinomoto (by Unknown) (Password: mugen) - Sayuri Kurata (by Doppel) - Old Monako (by Tokei) - Monami Ogura (by Tokei) - Yadamon (by Tokei) (WINMugen support version) (Password: mugen) - Kamen Rider G3 (by otot1210200) (Password: mugen) - Miku Hatsune (by Dissidia) - Yui Hirasawa (by Dissidia) - Mio Akiyama (by Dissidia) - Tsumugi Kotobuki (by Dissidia) - Ritsu Tainaka (by Dissidia) - Azusa Nakano (by Dissidia) List of Stages - B & JA's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - B-Jinrou's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - RH & Dem's Stage by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - VK-2's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Yuichiro's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Hero M's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Patrizia's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - B.O.X's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Neo Akuma's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - RE:Hitomi's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Ganny's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - JOL-J's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Karaage's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Unlaughmaker's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - AC/DC's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Akira's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Hajime's Stage (Phase 1) (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Kyouta's Stage (Phase 1) (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Totokeron's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Monako's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Kurousagi's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) (1.1 Only) - Puchi's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Taizo's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Hiroki's Stage (Phase 1) (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - 303's Stage (by Ryoucchi/The Magic Toaster) - Black Mage's Stage (by Meldo Wiseau) - Reggie Skatore's Stage (by Meldo Wiseau) (Lowered Shadow Intensity patch) - Ugaya's Stage (by Meldo Wiseau) - Aip's Stage (by First Lt. Ding) (EX version) - Ferdinand's Stage (by First Lt. Ding) - L.L's Stage (by First Lt. Ding) - Noah's Stage (by First Lt. Ding) (EX version) - Priestess' Stage (by First Lt. Ding) - Pu-Ko's Stage (by First Lt. Ding) - Punish's Stage (by First Lt. Ding) - Rusis' Stage (by First Lt. Ding) (EX version) - The Fear's Stage (by First Lt. Ding) - Tiria's Stage (by First Lt. Ding) - Zun's Stage (by First Lt. Ding) List of W.I.P. Characters - B.O.X (W.I.P by The Magic Toaster) - Majin R (W.I.P by The Magic Toaster) - JOL-J (W.I.P by The Magic Toaster) - Noah (W.I.P by First Lt. Ding) - L.L (W.I.P by First Lt. Ding) - Aoi (W.I.P by First Lt. Ding) - Genesis Michael Jackson (W.I.P by The Magic Toaster) Add-ons - MUGEN IIDX DistorteD (by Pal) Note: This is my first collection...if you had any thoughts about if I missed some of the characters/stages that might appear in that game or how I need to improve this collection here...let me know, I like to hear your comments, all criticism is welcomed as always
  14. Question (regarding a character from Knuckle Fighter): does anybody know who or what Rusis is, what he plays like or has he every been converted to MUGEN yet? I'm not desperate for a single character, i'm just curious to who he is

  15. Pro tip: If you want to download stupid shit (Toolbars, Bonzi Buddy, etc), do so...when you emulate a computer (Whenever it's Windows 10, Windows 7, etc) by using me, you'll save your real computer here

  16. UPDATE: Added Miku and the K-ON girls by Dissidia
  17. UPDATE: Added another set of Stage Photos (this time it's stages by First Lt. Ding)
  18. So...what you are trying to say is that there is no such thing as a good port of that character from KFX/A?
  19. UPDATE: Added the Add-ons Section with one add-on
  20. UPDATE: Added Stage photos, a special thanks to @Pluscross for the suggestion :) I also added the 3 stances of the W.I.P.s (these are B.O.X, Majin R and JOL-J) as a little bonus
  21. Oh....oops, I got REALLY confused there...sorry about that Although, it would be cool if B-Mario would be ported to MUGEN....and I think the most obvious is that we already had that 8-Bit Mario in MUGEN, tho who is B-Mario anyway? Also, let's not forget that he can also throw the SEGA logo....nope I am not kidding, I'll prove it From MelvanaInChains' Twitter
  22. UPDATE: Added the list of W.I.P characters by different creators also if you want prove that I'm not lying...well here you go: From The Magic Toaster's Twitter Account
  23. Looking at Tabris666's comment...i've been thinking about adding a list of W.I.P characters to the Knuckle Fighter X/Alpha collection (example: B.O.X, Majin R, Noah (if you don't know who Noah is....basically she's a little girl that attacks with her sleeves), etc)


    What do you guys think, should I add a list of W.I.P characters to the collection or not?

    1. Pluscross


      Yes please. I don't even have those in Knuckle Fighter itself. Still over here dying for B-Mario and Mario FC...


      I want to see Noah especially. A girl named that...? The sleeve gimmick sounds unique.


      I made a thread a couple years back about Knuckle Fighter in the Random Chatter section. It's a bit nooby, but I hope it becomes active again.

  24. So...are you implying that The Magic Toaster's KFX/A ports are bad? I can respect your opinion about that, also I can understand Kamen Rider G3 being poorly made due to some....questionable things