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  1. Custom Gouken released

    A new version of Gouken is available. - Updated the readme again. - Misc hitbox adjustments. - Parrying corrected. - Hyakkishu Hyakki Gojin can OTG. - Shoryuken now has proper invul on startup. - Ultimate Goutetsu can actually be blocked now (lol). - New hitspark color for Player 2. Plus some other small things I've forgotten about. Please redownload.
  2. Welcoming for New Staff!!!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. I'll do my best to help the team maintain the order and upkeep around here.
  3. Unnamed Anime Screenpack W.I.P. [1280 x 720 HD]

    Lifebar progress: It's pretty much just fonts I have left to do. And Turns/Simul stuff.
  4. Do we have a good version of Mikoto Misaka that uses DBFC sprites yet?

    1. Chise


      The only "good" version is probably the one by S.Y. She's slightly overpowered, but has alot of moves, accurate Supers and REALLY nice sprites.

    2. Sir Ghostler

      Sir Ghostler

      I'll check it out, thanks.

  5. N3can2P.png





    Finally adding attack effects, lol. Just got the normals done now, going to work on the specials. They aren't as accurate to source as I'd like, but they'll have to do for now.

  6. I'm working on a massive update for Akira. Improved hitboxes, new effects, revamped throws, new moves and more improvements. Hoping I can get this finished soon.

    1. Xiristatos


      Ay, don't want to throw you off-track or something but... is... is that super duper deluxe evil goddess waifu Hades Izanami of Blazblue fame you have in your icon?

      Just curious here...

    2. Sir Ghostler
    3. Xiristatos


      Ayyy bruh... you know what's fresh!

  7. What are you listening to right now?

  8. Custom Gouken released

    Custom Gouken released Something I was motivated to work on. This is essentially a remake of Alexlexus's Gouken which revamps the character and fixes all the issues the original one had. The character is coded completely from scratch. The gameplay style is similar to Vyn's SF3 Evil Ryu with some changes. Feedback and critique is always welcome. Enjoy. Link:!AgiPXTIYC2lbkRHY5lhNxccuSx9z
  9. Unnamed Anime Screenpack W.I.P. [1280 x 720 HD]

    Can't say, I've been hella busy irl. We'll see. I might release parts of the SP separately or something. Yeah. I will try to add some kind of animations to it. Idk what so far though.
  10. Unnamed Anime Screenpack W.I.P. [1280 x 720 HD]

    Nothing is animated so far. I kept them simple and static like Melty, kind of. Also that Chaos was just a single sprite I made used in the PhotoShop concept. Just felt like pointing that out.
  11. Practicing GFX again, made a Yuuki sig:


  12. Unnamed Anime Screenpack W.I.P. [1280 x 720 HD]

    Thanks guys. Updated lifebar concept:
  13. Ghost Killer's sprites and stuff

    New stuff: Those two were recent commissions. Older unposted stuff:
  14. Unnamed Anime Screenpack W.I.P. [1280 x 720 HD]

    I'll try to fit the powerbars on top somewhere. I'd prefer that too looking back at it. Thanks.