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  1. I have a question for you fellows who happen to be studying Japanese language like me.


    I have a friend (I'm not lying, it really is for a firend) who has interest in learning Japanese from scratch, like I'm doing.


    I would like to recommend him books for beginners. However, I can't recommend him the books I used so far, which are the books from Marugoto series:




    The problem with them? They're focused in group activities and losing your fear of communicating with native Japanese people. Thus, their focus isn't grammar or extensive vocabulary, but conversation techniques.


    And my friend's focus, like mine, doesn't seem to be communication, but reading and listening comprehension.


    As much as Marugot ocan teach him some grammar and vocabulary, I would rather recommend some books more suitable for self-learning. Something that isn't so kanji-phobic as the Marugoto series.


    Any recommendation?

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      Download those Japanese-learning games with moe chicks in his phone

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      @Artoria Alter

      This page will be useful even for me. I don't know yet how much useful is for absolute beginners, but I'm definitely take a good look at it.