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  1. Yes. Kemono Friends is as good as people say. The art is indeed clumsy, the cast consists of nothing but animals anthropomorphized into cute girls and this might turn people off as it did to me initially.


    But the way the story was told, and the way the interactions between the characters were portrayed, were somehing totally different from any anime I watched before.


    It doesn't appeal to meaningless violence or  sexualization (there are the penguin girls, who are sexualized and their design clash a little with the other girls, but they are as well-characterized as everybody else, so I give them a pass).


    It also receives props for the fact that I didn't find any of the characters dislikable.


    I could write a lot about how refreshing my experience with the anime was, but I don't have the skills to point all the qualities the show displayed.


    It takes a little to get used to, but I recommend it, if you're curious about what the fuss is about (like I was).

    1. Pluscross


      I'll pass. Will take your word, but...


      Unless the fighter will be a platform or arena fighter. Wait, nevermind...

    2. DuckMannnn


      Haven't seen it yet but their hentai is nice