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  1. As an enthusiast of the Japanese language, I really find interesting their point of view about foreign cultures, and how they wish for things that are common in other cultures (things as simple like hugs), but rare or inexistant in their society.



    A video about why Japanese (and south-Koreans, who suffer a similar problem) are well known for being terrible at English.


    The reason is why their teachers themselves aren't prepared to teach English. Their society as a whole still doesn't see a need of globalizing, hence they don't train people to use English language in a practical way.



    Advantages and disadvantages of speaking English in their opinion.




    "What do Japanese envy about foreigners?"


    Things like:

    "Foreign babies look like little angels, Japanese babies look like little sumo fighters." Really.


    1. Rimu


      Remember to turn on the "Closed Caption" option in order to understand the last video.

    2. Galvatron


      Cool.. :-)

    3. DuckMannnn


      I'm actually glad I learned English from proper English teachers from all around the world during my early age. The foreign language education in Vietnam is terrible, then recently they started forcing kids to learn Japanese, Mandarin and Russian too. I bet the teachers don't even know how to communicate in those languages... 

      You see, 60% of the population can't speak English, and 30% doesn't speak really well, they can only say things like "Hello, how are you, I'm fine thanks" and etc, sometimes weird stuffs like "mother dog bitch" lol. Luckily I currently study in a French school so the education is much more logical and better, I also managed to learn French and a bit of Spanish. Plus weeaboo vocabulary from the internet.