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  1. Good to see the MFFA stil standing. Shit looked wonky last time I was here lol

  2. For a community that is notorious for pilfering legitimate companies creations, it is the height of hypocrisy to make an entire community private. I noticed that the Motvn stage collection is pretty incomplete, but I cant contribute or do anything about because I refuse to kiss the ass of anybody to be allowed in their special club. This is why the mugen community has zero respect in the gaming world at large.

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    2. Pluscross


      Why wouldn't there be? Still plenty of creators around...

    3. Darkflare


      Where are you finding this? I know for sure Guild doesn't do this anymore and any posts about it that you find would be years ago.

    4. Cayne


      Yeah, a lot of what I found is necro, but the trend persist to this day. on another note, some of the things that was discussing is out there just in general. I started in 2012 and was immediately banned from one site for making a joke. Banned from another because they followed me there and continued to antagonize, but since I was new im the only one to suffer any consequence. Came here and seen the same shit going on to others. I once read a anti mugen article online and as much as I hate to admit it, they were right. They called out whole communities and creators. As for current creators, a lot of them are cool, but my fear is that they will turn into the assholes of yesterday.

  3. Hello ppl, I just posted a reguest for services in the Mugen code section. Looking for coders. Check it out and Spread the word!

  4. Deadly Commissions I asked this of another member, but I figured why the hell not ask the community. Im looking for a coder to add two functions to character. A fatality and an Ultra, I will pay a commission if this is what you require. Here is what I propose... I send you a char, lets say goku and you code in a Kamehameha fatality ala goku vs cell style. Have the words finish him pop up and force the opponent into dizzy state of course. As for the ultra, have triggered the same way it would in a killer instinct char. If anybody is interested you can either respond here or PM idc. Quick Answers: 1) No char I send you will be created by me, once you have the char your free to ask pernission to edit the char, however I will not be releasing the char publicly unless both the creator and editor wishes to do so. 2)This commission is simply to bring universal game mechanics to all chars in my compilation. 3) If you have a problem with me having a char edited, get over it, I cant code this shit and their aint no tutorial on coding this shit so fuck it. Dont hate on the next man making a little change on a regular basis's. 4) Their is no exclusivity here. You want to do it, negotiate your fee and ill send you a char. Finally, look at 8400 slot select screen categories from the IMT blue SP and thats the diversity of a char I may send you. Feel free to request a specific char.
  5. Beautiful Stage! I need links to Audiosurf and Hakugyokurou please. Simply amazing.
  6. If you could code fatalities will have a long relationship. Pay you all year long brother!
  7. How long has Elecbyte been down

    1. Artoria Alter

      Artoria Alter

      A year or so apparently. Also they popped up like...once on twitter to advertise another game around May last year.

  8. happy to see the MFFA healthy again.

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yay!

  9. Whew. I was worried the MFFA was going the way of the dodo
  10. WTF happened to MFFA? 

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    2. Galvatron



      MFFA was dealing with some server problems causing the forum to slow down and hard for members to log-on, so Ryon bounce the server back to when things was functional, However since Ryon is not the owner anymore we have to wait for RMH to fix the rest. Hopefully he be back with us soon after he fix his PC up.

    3. DuckMannnn


      @Galvatron I'm just wondering, can't we have multiple owners?

    4. Galvatron



      ..hmm.. its possible but only one person can control the forum's server itself.... :-P

  11. I agree. BvS was just a cash grab so they can fund a justice league movie. The writing was terrible, the work out montage was terrible, doomsday was terrible, the easter eggs were terrible. The reasoning behind BvS fight was dumb. Lex luther was only accurate when he had superman beat. DC really needs to grab a better producer and director and focus more on TV series. There better at that. Fuck Superman. Dc just keeps retconning his powers and origins and demeaner. there own company said his power set is just too boring. It worked in the 40's -60's, but now it just shows that the character has no depth.
  12. I kinda figured when they allowed Goku to come back. Im pissed about the tourney in general. The Universe 6 fighters are all disappointments including hit. He's just guldo with a power boost. Frost is weaker than frieza, the bear was a joke, Kabe vs vegeta was damn near Goku vs Uub, The robot needed a closed room gimick. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  13. And if you aint down with that we got two words for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Got to agree on that ish. I been working on a char off and on since last august lol
  15. Micheal Rosenbuam is by far the greatest live action luther. Jessie Einsenbergs portrayal seemed more like Mr.Myxzplix or however you spell that wierdos name. It was dumb but I wont lie Ben Affleck redeemed himself for superhero movies cause he was the best Batman ever. On to Jose's Doomsday. I love this guys spriting but he needs someone to code for him.
  16. Reference that piece o sht cluster fuck of a movie again and we are no longer friends bro
  17. Idk much about OPM except that he can beat anyone i think
  18. Idk, technically they are add ons, but nobody has said anything in prior releases so.............. You have got to hold a record for completed request Shaka. Thanks again.