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  1. For a community that is notorious for pilfering legitimate companies creations, it is the height of hypocrisy to make an entire community private. I noticed that the Motvn stage collection is pretty incomplete, but I cant contribute or do anything about because I refuse to kiss the ass of anybody to be allowed in their special club. This is why the mugen community has zero respect in the gaming world at large.

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    2. Cayne


      Naw. I didnt even know about Mugen back then, but I use when I took notice of some content that I know has been missing since 2014 I started doing some research (Necro post, request threads, mugen topics in reddit, mugen opinions outside the forums, and various friends) about this issue and it stunned me. Creators quitting because someone used their custom sprites, Clubsyn locking their creations behind a friends only wall, private forum members parading their "exclusive" content, many new people being chased away by arrogant mugen veterans who think their awesome because they learned how to use fighter factory and have all the free time in the world to use. Creators asking for feedback, then recieving feedback only to say "your a hater" or " you should stop right now". I would love for the engine to evolve to something greater, but at this right Mugen 2.0 will be locked behind a meanless encryption. Most of those vets are in their 30's and up. Grow up.

    3. Darkflare


      I was asking that because that was pretty much the standard back in 2007. You think that's happening now? It was a LOT worse back in those times.

    4. Cayne


      Oh. Damn, Thats 10 years ago and there still on the same petty BS. Maybe the next gen will be better......if there is one

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