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  1. Touhou Project

    Not a bad idea I must say.
  2. Marvel Vs. Capcom Series

    Dang. you're right. must be an overload. :P
  3. Pokémon

    The Marvel vs. Capcom gameplay patch for Kater15's Gardevoir by Nodog doesn't seem to work.

    NoMoreHeroes2012 has returned to CPS2 Composing!

    RoySquadRocks is gonna love this! :)

    1. RoySquadRocks
    2. thebestmlTBM


      Thanks. NoMoreHeroes2012 is returning to the CPS2 Composing after all that progress he did on a Fighting Project he did called Spirit Warriors of the New Age.

  5. The CPS2 Original Themes

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Xiristatos


      Let's put aside my own feelings about "net neutrality", for this is just something I kinda perceive. If you want to advocate for something, good. There shall be no stopping you, it's in your right to do it, but do it with an open mind and research facts beyond the infantility that is battleforthenet, for it's the very definition of "baseless rhetoric". That's all I'm trying to say, really. I mean, did you even read what I said around the middle? I don't believe in this "ISPs will censor EVERYTHING" bullshit not because I trust in the ISPs (in fact, I do believe they'd have tried something like this), but because it's such a cluelessly retarded idea in the first place. There's no benefit in them ever attempting this, it would almost be like a country using their nuclear bombs. People believe in this happening because "they're evil!" but don't realize that this would be their suicide, they'd gain just about nothing but shit on their asses.


      I'm not defending ISPs at all, I'm just speaking realistically: WHAT is there to gain for them in blatant censorship or reasonless throttling, especially something idiotically specific like "hentai" or whatever? Even if they're some of the most hated companies ever, is this really a reason to believe in such a scenario?


      There's "cheapness" and then there's "drooling idiocy". Do you follow so far? Fight for what you believe in, but I believe you guys are smarter than this. You know that data exists.

    3. Doomguy


      Well Xiristatos, it'll happen eventually, whether you believe it or not. The way I see things are going, extreme censorship and control is inevitable.

    4. Xiristatos


      Well, it's not like I don't believe in the general existence of extreme censorship or the invasion of people's privacy (in fact, it already exists in quite a few countries), it's just that I think this one particular issue is a fucking joke.

  6. It looks like I'm off to meet my family in my Birthstate, New Jersey.

    Gotta have fun with them and save my stomach for the Turkey on Thanksgiving!

  7. Melty Blood Rolecall Match #23 - Mech Hisui


  8. (WIP) Inkling Boy

    Well, Mazaku hasn't been updating the Inkling Boy Sprite for oh so long. Prehaps you like you give a da note to him by the name of Score-Board.
  9. Courage the Cowardly Dog


  11. Melty Blood Rolecall Match #21 - Sion Eltnam Atlasia


  12. TBM Mugen Match #401 - Fulgore (me) vs. Panty Anarchy 


    Explict Language