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  1. Ninja Gaiden Series

    Werent Kasumi and Ayane created before?
  2. Rage of The Dragons

    All of these and the feedbacks on the Power Instinct Series collections has been addressed, thanks for the assistance Basara-kun :)
  3. Asura Blade / Asura Buster

        CHARACTER SELECT - ASURA BLADE: SWORD OF DYNASTY Yashaoh by NHK || Rosemary by Juke Kisaragi || Goat by NHK || Lightning by Binho, by Binho & Doruzi || Footee by NHK || Alice by Nyo   Zam-B by Cafe || Taros by NHK || S. Geist by Cafe || Curfue by Cafe || Cerberus Bonus by Borewood   CHARACTER SELECT - ASURA BUSTER: ETERNAL WARRIORS Goat by Cafe || Alice by Cafe || Sittara by Cafe || Leon by Cafe || Rokurouta by Cafe || Zinsuke by Cafe   Chen Mao by Juke Kisaragi || The King by Borewood || Verbal by Cafe   Note: Alice by Cafe has "Alice!" Mode (basically her Asura Blade appearance) that can be accessed with alt. def file.   YET TO BE CONVERTED Yashaoh & Rosemary (Asura Buster Version), Nanami   STAGE SELECT ASURA BLADE: SWORD OF DYNASTY Stage Pack - Cenobite53's Stages - Kung Fu Man's Stages - Float Castle (Ground) by SophieX - War After by ShoShingo   ASURA BUSTER: ETERNAL WARRIORS Cenobite53's Stages - Kung Fu Man's Stages - Nori-Ban's Stages - O Illusionista's Stages - Zinsuke's Stage by SophieX   EDITS Western Journey at Night by O Ilusionista - Castle of Baskervilles Midnight REMIX by Ryoucchi & Toaster   ADD-ONS SELECT Asura Buster Screenpack by Gabito [Mugen 1.0 / 640x480]
  4. A strange, vertical blue line suddenly appeared on my laptop's monitor....has anyone encountered this problem before? Any idea how to fix it?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      I had some blue dots in an older monitor.

    3. Demitri


      its dead/stuck pixels on the monitor


      you might be able to fix it using http://www.jscreenfix.com/ or those screen fix vids on youtube

    4. Phantom Blood
  5. Ninja Gaiden Series

      Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.   CHARACTER SELECT - GAME SPRITED           Ryu Hayabusa (SMS Ninja Gaiden) by OrochiWeapon2000 || Ryu Hayabusa (SNES Ninja Gaiden) by SSSS || Ryu Hayabusa (Arcade Ninja Gaiden) by Bane84 || Ryu Hayabusa (GB Ninja Gaiden Shadow) by HeeJun184   Ninja Gaiden Boss Rush (NES Ninja Gaiden) by OMEGAPSYCHO   CHARACTER SELECT - CUSTOM SPRITED       Ryu Hayabusa (NES First Version) by Chuchoryu || Ryu Hayabusa (NES Second Version) by Chuchoryu || Ryu Hayabusa (NES Third Version) by Chuchoryu || Ryu Hayabusa (XBOX First Version) by Chuchoryu || Ryu Hayabusa (XBOX Second Version) by Chuchoryu   STAGE SELECT SMS Ninja Gaiden: Escape in a Forest & Rescue Geisha by MabsKMK || NES Ninja Gaiden: Stage 1 by Matur4Evr - Boss Stages by ZombieBrock   ADD-ONS SELECT Screenpack: Ninja Gaiden Fighting Screenpack by Mazemerald & Chuchoryu [Winmugen+ / 320x240]  
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh!

  7. Noted :)   Collection has been updated, idk if there are more stages than this but feel free to leave me any info.
  8.                 Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters. Color guide: Blue is custom gameplay. Yellow is WIP. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link.   CHARACTER SELECT Angela Belti by Dr. Kelexo || Anny Hamilton by Tin || Bobby Ologun by Neat Unsou || Buntaro Kuno by H" || Chinnen by Wara || Clara Hananokouji by David Demianoff, by NHK   Hikaru Jomon by David Demianoff, by Nyankoro, by Duracelleur (MVC) ||  Kanji Kokuin by Silencer, by Duracelleur (MVC) || Keith Wayne by Mouser, by Duracelleur (MVC) || Kintarou Kokuin by Shimon || Olof Linderoth by MEKA, by Duracelleur (MVC) || Poochy by Shimon, by 119way (KOF), by God Aztec (KOF), by Jin (KOF)   Princess Sissy by Ahuron, by Chloe || Reiji Oyama by Ryo2005, by Yu-Go, by Duracelleur (MVC) || Saizo Hattori by NS, by Ryo2005, by Yu-Go, by Duracelleur (MVC) || Shinjuro Goketsuji by TENE, by TENE & BoyBoyz || Shintaro Kuno by Ryo2005 ||Super Clara by Kenshin Himura, by Ryo2005, by 119way (KOF), by K. Bernstein (KOF)   Takumi Hattori by Werewood || Oume Goketsuji by H" (Oume & Tane), by Luchini || White Buffalo by Shimon   GUEST CHARACTERS Check Rage of The Dragons for the guest characters (Elias, Jimmy, Lynn and Mr. Jones)   KNOWN WIPS Rin Oyama & Prince by TENE   YET TO BE CONVERTED Maruta (bonus stage), Tane Goketsuji (solo version), Elizabeth Belti, and Sandra Belti   EDITS Note: Won't include recreated characters from other series such as the MKCS edit. Check their own collections to get them. Tsubasa by Nankotsucurry || Blizzard by Basara-Kun || Oume Age 18 by  エス, by 119way (KOF)   STAGE SELECT Power Instinct Matrimelee: Stages by Cirio - Stages by Chloe - Full Stage Pack Bonnō Kaihō: Chinnen's Stage by JAM Matsuri Senzo Kuyou: Rin's Stage by TENE (1.0 Ver) - Prince's Stage by TENE   ADD-ONS SELECT Screenpacks: PIM Screenpack + Lifebars by Matmut [Winmugen+ / 320x240] (1.0 Ver) - PIM Screenpack by Claudio Toxi [Winmugen+ / 320x240]   SEE ALSO             
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Thanks for the heads-up.
  10. Collection Section General Update

    Special Ops is updated with new look.   The directory has been renewed again.
  11. Special Ops Project

    [ PREVIEW & DOWNLOAD ]   Old Versions   Stages   [ COMMENTS ] These characters are part of the project Street Fighter Special Operations, which has begun at 2002 in MugenBR forum.  Spec Ops is a full game which tells an alternative story about Street Fighter, from an alternative future where cyborgs are a common thing. Credit goes to Ethan Lives and O Ilusionista of the Brazil Mugen Team for creating these characters.
  12. The INM Of Fighters [NSFW]

    Added them, thanks man.
  13. Justice League Task Force

    MA is also known for having download issues for non-registered members though (like the waiting time and limits). I'll back it up soon in MF or Onedrive.