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  1. Touhou Project

    It's in the Onedrive now man, i managed to get both from a friend.
  2. Collection Section General Update

    While i'm here, the directory is updated again.
  3. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/kokoronoheionwomotometudukeru
  4. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

    Cool find, added em.
  5. Tekken Series

  6. Samurai Shodown Collection (WIP)

    Awesome stuff, Basara!
  7. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Recreated Fighters)

    Added: - Jonathan ASB by Amarimono - Gray Fly by Yapool - Keicho Nijimura by Heal The World - Yoshikage Kira by Torimochi - Bruno Bucciaratti by Yapool
  8. before you continue your hiatus: here's the link to Ultraman chars styled after Taiketsu! Ultra Hero


    ULTRAMAN ACE (custom)

    ULTRAMAN LEO (custom)
    ACE KILLER (custom)
    TYRANT (does not load)
    ZETTON II (does not load)
    VAKISHIM (custom)
    DORAGORY (custom)
    TWIN TAIL (custom)
    BLACK KING (custom)

  9. Touhou Project

    That's weird, but i re-uploaded it. There was 2 versions, but i deleted my copy of the other one, sorry for that. I will add this later.
  10. I've got few things to tell.


    First off, my hiatus might last longer, everything is still in worse condition but i will try to get online during weekends to update things.


    Second, i completed the majority of the JJBA recreated collection, feel free to drop by.

  11. Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Grief Syndrome

    Working fine for me, but i suppose onedrive doesnt work well with everyone I added the MF link as mirror
  12. Arcana Heart Series

    Nice find bro. Changed link on first post.
  13. Asura Blade / Asura Buster

    Fixed links to Cafe's stuff.
  14. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Recreated Fighters)

    Thanks man, added them to the first post. Also i found out that all Amarimono's characters already have the AI included in their download, so i left them like that :)
  15. What is your Saddist mugen memory?

    Why did you quote one of my cringiest old post ever Also, it wasNOT a hentai Homura, it wasa normal Homura. The NSFW one was the Iori.