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  1. Dragon Quest Series

    Thanks man, i already checked Mugenarchive and added Pop to the first section. Ryugen is not a DQ character, i've checked his readme and the author stated that he's an Original Character.
  2. Ultraman / Ultra Series

    Added two things i missed from Kirbey's onedrive; Alien Pega and Black End.
  3. Violent Yamazaki by Ahuron

    Here it is:https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ALP9rqSjW5FVOzI&id=BAD2B9A17ABA3868%21139&cid=BAD2B9A17ABA3868 it's Yamazaki_XI-AI.zip.
  4. [Blood+] Saya Otonashi

    [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Getuploader [COMMENTS] Made by Rick.
  5. Dungeon & Fighter / Dungeon Fighter Online

    Hiya bro, here's The Headless Horseman And the port:
  6. http://web.archive.org/web/20160301015204/http://big.freett.com/3ha/zangyura.zip http://web.archive.org/web/20160301015204/http://big.freett.com/3ha/zangeese.zip
  7. Dragon Quest Series

    This collection is mostly complete, any help with missing charcters will be much appreciated :)
  8. Thanks, comrades :) The 1.0 ones are still available here: FEE / RPGAHTS Not much difference besides the zoom, really :)
  9. Dragon Quest Series

    Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters. Redtext means a character is offline. CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST DQ I Hero by Anamochi || Golem bySylphyne ||Pop by Sankiti|| Shadow Knight by Sudara13||Slime by Sylphyne [1st], byTerui [2nd]|| Metal Slime by Fukin-Otou ||Dracky bySudara13 Dragonlord byGe0ge0 CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST II DQ IIHero by Sylphyne|| Killing Machine by Sudara13 [Both]|| Bubble Slime by Sudara13|| HealSlime by Fukin-Otou CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST III DQ III Hero by Moyomoto || Rockbomb by Sylphyne ||Zoma by Marktwo CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST IV DQ IV Hero by Cabocha || Killer Majinga by Rick || Alenaby Daydream [1st] , by Noctis (CVS2) [1st],by Ryuhi [2nd]|| Guardian by Rick|| King Slime by Fukin-Otou CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST V DQ V Hero by Ran || Son by Ma-bo || Daughter by Ma-bo [Both]|| Panther by Mother Earth|| Brownby Ran||Slime Knight by Asasin CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST VI Terry byKRO|| Oniono bySudara13 CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST VII Killer Plaster bySudara13||Fosse by Fukin-Otou CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST VIII Jessica Albert by Junk, by Junk [With Ramia], by Junk + Hikaryo [With Ramia] CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS Tree Slime by Tako CHARACTER SELECT - DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: CARAVAN HEART King Bubble Slime by Sudara13 *Included with Bubble Slime download CHARACTER SELECT - TERRY'S WONDERLAND 3D Extreme Killing MachinebySudara13 STAGE AND OTHER STUFF SELECT [DWIV]Cursed Tower Battle by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster- [DQVIII]Farebury at Sunset by Saiyajin Mui- [DQVIII]The Tower of Alexandria by Saiyajin Mui
  10. CLICK IMAGES TO DOWNLOAD! We dediced to give a touch of zoom feature to these two, hope you enjoy it.
  11. Melty Blood Series

    The code is "mugen" :)
  12. Guilty Gear Series

    Thanks :)
  13. Kamen Rider Series

    Added SNES Kamen Rider stages by OldGamer
  14. The Powerpuff Girls - Marvel vs. Capcom Style

    It's not a serious infraction, dude. You had left him a reminder about that, and that will do.
  15. Toziko by hetyo released 5/23/16

    Isn't this just updated? She was releasedtwo months ago