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  1. Riz type.N by xia xue yu + NS released 5/04/16

    NS is author name. You'd have to ask that in the request section, according to the rules.
  2. check this out

    You need to put preview, also a more proper thread titlepls (including the name of the character and such)
  3. The Quote of the Day thread

    "I win! Part 3 is over!" ~ZZ
  4. Samurai Shodown Collection (WIP)

    Here's Super Japanese:https://www.sendspace.com/file/ypll82 Tightriam's Stuff all hosted here:https://onedrive.live.com/?id=DD9E6829B1DE854C%21226&cid=DD9E6829B1DE854C
  5. Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighter Mini MIX

    Almost forgot, added.
  6. Ryo2005's website dead?

  7. Kamen Rider Series

    Added 'emall.
  8. God-O-Mite by The Magic Toaster - 2
  9. Touhou Project

    It's in the Onedrive now man, i managed to get both from a friend.
  10. Collection Section General Update

    While i'm here, the directory is updated again.
  11. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/kokoronoheionwomotometudukeru
  12. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

    Cool find, added em.
  13. Tekken Series

  14. Samurai Shodown Collection (WIP)

    Awesome stuff, Basara!