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  1. Special Ops - Edits

    Updated first page.
  2. Happy Green Day!

    1. sonikun


      Happy birthday, mate.

  3. Rival Schools Series

    Added Batsu by HiryoXeoni
  4. Arcana Heart Series

    It's up now.
  5. [PREVIEW]   [DOWNLOAD] http://araigumakun.web.fc2.com/index.html
  6. The Transformers Series

    Updated with new look.
  7. Candidates: Bison Trooper X by The Magic Toaster Hong Kong Phooey by DDR Lilith by Yamori X Sash Lilac by DuckSS Segata Sanshiro by MvC Champ Silver by Gladiacloud Thanos by The_None Yuuka Kazami by Ricepigeon   Nominees: Alice Margatroid by Ricepigeon - 1 Balkan by Nijikaku Team - 2 Cassie Cage by Borg117 & tem(A) - 1 Count Duckula by WlanmaniaX - 1 D4 Meirin by Furikake - 1 Elsa by Chuchoryu - 1 Eni Blackdragon by Dager - 1 Fujiwara no Mokou by Ricepigeon - 2 Hero_M by The Magic Toaster - 1 Lotus by Dark Ruler - 1 Monkey D. Luffy by RAHLONNIR - 1 Nightmare by BaganSmashBros -1 Patchouli Knowledge by RicePigeon - 1 Spirazzi by Dark Ruler - 1 Yukari Yakumo by Ricepigeon - 2  
  8. Itoshiki Nozomu

    [PREVIEW]   [DOWNLOAD] Nozomu.rar   [COMMENTS] From Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, made by Mokumeito. Once lost in obscurity.
  9. Max nomination is 4 bruh.   Also, Nemesis was released in February, so i'm afraid it wouldnt count for now 
  10. 300 Hercules

    Lol i wish i could come with a caption for this
  11. Final Fantasy Series

    Update:   Added Sephiroth by MG and Tidus by Ragnarok_333 to the character section. Added Planet Core by NoZ to the stage section.