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    Got link to the lifebars? i'll check the probs
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    He hosted these and all nijikaku characters in this thread
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    Sure man

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    Now that you mention it.
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    31st August is the end of summer
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    It's fine man, i'll put the note into first post :)
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    I wish i know the answer lol.

  9. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic Our Works Directory   

    Yeah, i linked them to threads instead to file themselves so people could still see the preview there, also i just don't want to make this page heavy to load with 150+ images.
  10. Ryoucchi added an answer to a question SSB's stage request thread   

    Yu Asuka vs Mamiya: Yu Yu Hakusho 2 Kuwabara's Stage
    Marco Rodriguez vs Ming Ming: JJBA Chaka's Stage
  11. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic Chinese Bootleg stuffs   

  12. Ryoucchi added a topic in Ryoucchi & Toaster's Stages   

    Our Works Directory
    Ever since Scourge's site went down, it's become harder to locate our stuff. Here's a temporary list before we could find a new site.
    Note: Every links linked to their respective release thread, you could see the preview pics in each of them.
    Deke Cay by The Magic Toaster
    Jack2 by The Magic Toaster
    Rushim by The Magic Toaster
    Sanshiro I. by The Magic Toaster
    Sesame by The Magic Toaster
    Unber by The Magic Toaster
    [64th Street Detective Story] Getaway Blimp
    [64th Street Detective Story] Secret Laboratory
    [64th Street Detective Story] The Harbor
    [Angel Star Road CC] Castle Rumble Arena
    [Angel Star Road CC] Deep Forest Rumble
    [Angel Star Road CC] Bloodmoon Train Encounter
    [Angel Star Road CC] Frosty Forest Rumble
    [Angel Star Road CC] Midnight Train Encounter
    [Asura Buster] Castle of Baskervilles -MIDNIGHT REMIX-
    [Avengers in Galactic Storm] Avenger's Headquarters
    [Avengers in Galactic Storm] Korath's Stage
    [Avengers in Glactic Storm] Shaterrax' Stage
    [Battle Monsters] Floating Island
    [Bloodstorm] Nimbus[Battle K-Road] Boxing Ring & Karatedo
    [Bootleg Game] KOF '98 Bootleg Stages
    [Bootleg Game] KOF '99 Bootleg Stages
    [Bootleg Game] Soul Blade vs Samurai Spirits Bootleg Stages
    [Crimson Alive EE] Bridge - Night
    [Crimson Alive EE] Church - Red Moon
    [Crimson Alive EE] Kill Road - Normal
    [Crimson Alive EE] Kill Road - Red Moon
    [Crimson Alive EE] Ruin - Day
    [Custom Stage] A Terrible Curse
    [Custom Stage] Castle Under Fire
    [Custom Stage] Cursed Tower Battle (Dragon Warrior 4 Inspired)
    [Custom Stage] Deyanira Athanasia
    [Custom Stage] Duel With The Shadows
    [Custom Stage] Etomo's Training Ground
    [Custom Stage] Far East Eden
    [Custom Stage] Frostbite Cliffs
    [Custom Stage] Forest Skycart - Morning
    [Custom Stage] Forest Skycart - Afternoon
    [Custom Stage] Gears in Spain
    [Custom Stage] Generic JRPG Castle
    [Custom Stage] Gravitational Center B-025 X
    [Custom Stage] Green Dragon Garden
    [Custom Stage] Gustav's Hell
    [Custom Stage] Gustav's Hell - Frozen
    [Custom Stage] Leanbox, Planeptune & Gamindustri Graveyard (HDN Inspired)
    [Custom Stage] It's Raining Men + Muscle Madness
    [Custom Stage] Kamigawa Shrine (Tobal No. 2 Inspired)
    [Custom Stage] Legend of Marisa - Dungeon 1
    [Custom Stage] Midnight Garden
    [Custom Stage] Midnight Terror
    [Custom Stage] Mystic Quest
    [Custom Stage] Mountainside Training
    [Custom Stage] Night of Omens
    [Custom Stage] On The Big Set
    [Custom Stage] On The Road - These Streets Are OK
    [Custom Stage] Ruit Accidens Orbitalis
    [Custom Stage] Rose's Rainstorm Requiem
    [Custom Stage] RPG Another History: Town Square
    [Custom Stage] Rushdown At Midnight
    [Custom Stage] Sanshiro's Sunset Cafe
    [Custom Stage] Senran Kagura Visualization
    [Custom Stage] Shadows in the Bell Tower
    [Custom Stage] Space Jam (Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden Tribute)
    [Custom Stage] Tropical Ruins
    [Custom Stage] Tropical Ruins - Morning
    [Custom Stage] Violet Waterfall
    [Custom Stage] Year 2300 A.D. ~ The Black Omen
    [Dong Dong Never Die] Guang Dong 2
    [DBZ Super Saiyan Densetsu] King Kai's World
    [Double Dragon V] Red Dragon Cafe Exterior
    [Dual Blades] Ragnagard's Stage
    [Duel Fighters] Elevator
    [Emblem of Red ReShuffle] Gate
    [Emblem of Red ReShuffle] Mikoshiba's Stage - Day
    [Emblem of Red ReShuffle] Mikoshiba's Stage - Night
    [Emblem of Red ReShuffle] Midnight's Stage
    [Flappy Touhou] Flappy Touhou Stage
    [Flicky Turncoat DX] Pocky Field
    [Hokuto no Ken 6] Falco's Stage
    [Holuto no Ken 6] Kaioh's Stage
    [Hokuto no Ken 6] Kenshiro's Stage
    [Hokuto no Ken 6] Kuroyasha's Stage
    [Hokuto no Ken 6] Mr. Heart's Stage
    [Hokuto no Ken 6] Raoh's Stage
    [Hokuto no Ken 6] Rei's Stage
    [Hokuto no Ken 6] Thouther's Stage
    [Hokuto no Ken 7] Kenshiro's Stage
    [Hokuto no Ken 7] Raoh's Stage
    [Hopeless Masquerade] Divine Spirits Mausoleum
    [Hopeless Masquerade] Human Village
    [Hopeless Masquerade] Human Village - Night
    [Hopeless Masquerade] Palace of Earth Spirits
    [Hopeless Masquerade] Tanuki Youkai Forest
    [Hopeless Masquerade] Tanuki Youkai Forest - Night
    [Hopeless Masquerade] Treasure Ship Above The Clouds
    [Kamen Rider SNES] Rider Street
    [Killing Blade] Balto's Stage
    [Killing Blade] Shanguan's Stage
    [Killing Blade] Twin Tartar's Stage
    [Killing Blade] Twin Tartar's Stage - Sudden Death
    [Killing Blade] Yizhen's Stage
    [Killing Blade] Yizhen's Stage - Sudden Death
    [Kin Yeo Fighting] Dongfang Bubai's Stage
    [Knuckle Fighters] B.O.X's Stage
    [Knuckle Fighters] B & JA's Stage
    [Knuckle Fighters] B-Jinrou's Stage
    [Knuckle Fighters] Hero M's Stage - 3 Phases
    [Knuckle Fighters] Neo Akuma's Stage
    [Knuckle Fighters] Patrizia's Stage
    [Knuckle Fighters] RE:Hitomi's Stage
    [Knuckle Fighters] RH & Dem's Stage - 2 Phases
    [Knuckle Fighters] VK-2's Stage
    [Knuckle Fighters] Yuichiro's Stage
    [Kouryuu no Mimi] The Chapel Halls - Act 2
    [Mighty Warriors] Eteocles' Stage
    [Mighty Warriors] Gurdaf's Stage
    [Mighty Warriors] Han-Sing's Stage
    [Mighty Warriors] Marcus' Stage
    [Mighty Warriors] Nabonedo's Stage
    [Nekketsu Oyako] The Big Whale - Act 2
    [OFF] Zone 3
    [Osu! Karate Bu] Jinrai Isao's Stage
    [Osu! Karate Bu] Kouryuu & Ryuryuu's Stage
    [Osu! Karate Bu] Takagi Yoshiyuki's Stage
    [Power Instinct 1] Angela Belti's Stage
    [Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon] Arcade
    [Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon] Bayside Warehouse
    [Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon] Castle Interior
    [Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon] Computer Lab
    [Queen of Duelist] Chizuru's Stage
    [Requiem Final] Destroyed Tokyo
    [Requiem Final] Destroyed Tokyo - Night
    [Requiem Final] Unknown Forest
    [Rokudenashi Blues] Back Alley
    [Rokudenashi Blues] Park
    [Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master] Stage 2 - Phase 1
    [SNK vs Capcom] The Forest of Frost
    [SNK vs Capcom] Winter Temple
    [SFXVI] Chun-li 0's Stage[SFXVI] Dural's Stage
    [SFXVI] Genjuro's Stage[SFXVI] Kojo's Stage
    [SFXVI] Pelusia
    [SFXVI] Romanshia
    [SFXVI] The Moon
    [Street Fighters The Movie] Bison's Stage
    [Street Fighters The Movie] Chun-li's Stage
    [Streets of Rage 3] Stage 4-1
    [Streets of Rage 3] Stage 7A-2
    [Streets of Rage 3] Stage 8-1
    [Super Variable Geo] Elirin's Stage
    [Super Variable Geo] Manami's Stage
    [Super Valis IV] Valhalla
    [Top Fighter 2000 MKVIII] Joden's Stage Remake
    [Top Fighter 2000 MKVIII] Ryu's Stage Remake
    [Unknown Doujin] Chaos Dimension
    [Vagrant Fighter FX] Blood's Stage
    [Violence Fight] Chinatown
    [Violent Storm] Train Ride
    [Yu Yu Hakusho 2: Kakutou no Sho] Chuu & Jin's Stage
    Marvel VS Touhou Screenpack [640x480]
    Mirai Stage Edits
    Training Room Hexagon Edits
    1.0 Patch for Gearlife Lifebars
    1.0 Patch for Gearlife MK-2 Lifebars
    1.0 Patch for Hack The World Lifebars
    1.0 Patch for Dengekibunko FC Lifebars
    Alphes Touhou Portraits
    [Custom Stage] Abandoned Building
    [Custom Stage] Aku no Yousai - 23.00 PM
    [Custom Stage] Cathedral of Shadows
    [Custom Stage] City Crossroads
    [Custom Stage] Gelida/Mirabilia Sakura Rerum
    [Custom Stage] Golden Manor
    [Custom Stage] Heavenly Garden
    [Custom Stage] Heavenly Palace of Ferarinarshia
    [Custom Stage] Moon Terrace - White☆Rock Shooter (BRS Inspired)
    [Custom Stage] Nebula Space Base
    [Custom Stage] Kantai Collection: Sentai Fleet
    [Custom Stage] Senjou Kyoukai - 17:46 PM
    [Custom Stage] Spirit World Palmyna (Brave Frontier Inspired)
    [Custom Stage] The Boundary Between Day and Night
    [Custom Stage] The Curse of Death
    [Custom Stage] The Dome City of Enetroia
    [Custom Stage] Vegetation Dome
    [Custom Stage] Violet Disaster
    [Melty Blood] Starlight Crossing - Red Moon Curse
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  13. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic GFX For Share   

    Digging your new style man.
    I also might have a request later.
  14. Ryoucchi added an answer to a question Inuyasha   

    Yes. He went by other names like CVS Artist and Super Dragon Blade
    All his  stuff hosted in Mugen Multiverse and that's where i got that link from