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  1. Ryoucchi added a topic in [ HIGH RES ]   

    KOFMAX Boss Stages (+ 640 fix)

    Goenitz' Stage

    Igniz' Stage

    Magaki's Stage

    Mukai's Stage

    Zero's Stage


    Stage Files // 640x480 .def Files

    Well i've been planning to post these from long, long time ago. Default stage defs are for widescreen, so i added fixed def files for 640 res users.
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  2. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic Screenshots Mffa Style   

  3. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic Simon & James   

    It was posted but the skydrive link dead
  4. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic Screenshots Mffa Style   

  5. Ryoucchi added a question in [ CONTENT REQUESTS ]   

    A bunch of stage request
    I rarely asked for things, but now i need these for collection purpose and so that everyone can get them too.
    1. Tower Reload, Tree of Might, Confrontation on The Train, and Desert Bird Rain by Crazy-Logic. (I already got the rest of his stages except these 4)
    2. Rosenkreuzstilette: Iris' and Schwer's Castle by Margatroid
    3. Scarlet Devil Mansion Foyer by Margatroid
    4. Fight D4 and Star D4 by MINI43
    5. Mausoleum Emperor by DaDonYordel
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  6. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic Hokuto no Ken: Shinpan no Sōsōsei Kengō Retsuden   

    Checked his onedrive folder that linked in OMK collection, all of his add-ons are now gone indeed. I suppose you can request them.
  7. Ryoucchi added a topic in [ ADD ONS ]   

    AI Patches by Air
    It was posted at someone's request thread, pack include AIs for some interesting characters so i figured i would post it here
    AI Patches List:
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  8. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic Collection Section General Update   

    The lack of recycle bin is bugging me as well.
    Gui told me he will remade the threads, also i've been willing to help him on the thread aesthetics and whatnot.
  9. Ryoucchi added a topic in [ LOW RES ]   

    Moon Lake



    Old stage by Flamekyo, was requested long time ago and nobody posted it in stage section so, here it is. Mediafire link for those who has problem with 4shared.
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  10. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic Nezumi Land [Hi-Res]   

  11. Ryoucchi added a topic in [ LOW RES ]   

    Nezumi Land [Low-Res]



    The low-res rendition of Nezumi Land stage, made by ExShadow.
    The background are moving (and has separate deltas), and it uses floor from a MOTW stage.
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  12. Ryoucchi added a topic in [ HIGH RES ]   

    Nezumi Land [Hi-Res]



    From shooting game "Soreyuke! Burunyan-man!". Made by IF. Has two def files, one with moving background and one without.
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  13. Ryoucchi added a post in a topic KOF clones Iori,Kyo and benimaru   

    If you need recommendation, i'd say http://imgur.com is one of the best image hosting.
    Here's a tutorial on how to upload pics to Imgur.
  14. Ryoucchi added an answer to a question Tene's Arcana Heart 3 stages   

    Works fine for me man

    But just wait, i'll re-upload them.