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  1. oozeville

    oozeville I did a thing Comes with parallax, super jump, deltas, zoom and the stage was extended. Includes .def files for different resolutions. Download Here!!!
  2. Happy B-Day bruh! :D

  3. Millionaire Fighters

    You want credit for a version of the screenpack I did two years ago? And as they've been saying, credit isn't required. I don't know what part of your ego is telling you that me putting your name on a screenpack that I edited 2 years ago is going to change the fact that people will still see it as my edit. I'm not going to fight with someone ever a mugen screenpack, Imagine how many people have showed their families and friends their mugens telling them "I made this game" using your screenpack? You think those people care that someone else actually made it? that on a file inside of the folders that they don't understand, there's a name on it, that they don't care about? Most users don't even look at the def file for it to really even matter. I blatantly stated I edited this screenpack, and here I'll do it again. It's an edit. I'm sure everyone understands that. I've been editing screenpacks for years. I found your original screenpack on a warehousing site, back in like early 2012, I was still a young kid having fun with gaming stuff, I didn't know about credit and stuff back then, I really didn't care either. had you honestly not been rude about it and PM'ed me letting me know that you were the original author, I would've gladly added your name to the post giving credit where it's deserved. TL;DR I'm not a mean person, I've edited other peoples stuff before and if there was no author to credit and they mesaged me letting me know, I add their name. I mean, look at the first post. lol. If you would've kindly let me know rather than do what you did, your name would've been added and that would've been it. I'm done. Mods, if y'all want to delete all of these stupid posts. Feel free, I'll add his name once he messages me like an adult and asks for credit without being rude.
  4. Millionaire Fighters

    75% of the work I did? HAH, no. Nothing on this screenpack is really even the original minus the victory screen, and even then, it's been altered. I changed so, so so much. You get nothing outside of a thanks for giving me a name. I edited your screenpack years ago, which is linked in the original post. Good job making a fool out of yourself. You didn't create anything I even used, minus the backdrop for the victory. And yeah I'll admit there's stuff left over that was from the original,but no one cares. You're literally full of it. Look how completely different mine looks compared to yours. It's not "stolen" I kept the name out of respects to what you originally did. I kept the victory screen because it looks cool. You get like, 2% credit for the 2% of what I kept. Don't ever come to someone elses release thread trying to call them out on something then make yourself look like a complete ass. Unless that's your thing. No disrespect at all, but i looked at your screenpack as a nice base, that's about it. I changed way too much for you to even consider the fact that you deserve any kind of credit. Good day, sir/ma'am.
  5. Millionaire Fighters

    An overhaul of my Old Screenpack 1.0 AND 1.1 compatible. went for the minimalist route in terms of flashiness for those with lower end computers. Credit to Shiyo Kakuge for the add004 font. Downloads Mediafire Onedrive enjoy!
  6. The Lost Jungle

    I added two more layers of trees with different positions & delta's, if i add anymore/make them higher I'll have to move the moon objects, clouds and the moon :( But let me know, it won't hurt to edit code
  7. Post Ur Roster Picture & Roster Mugen Videos

    My Roster. editing that Deke cay portrait was hell
  8. The Lost Jungle

    I've been sitting on this for a while, added some mk referenced stuff to it. Includes parallax, delta's, animations, overlay, and super jump, and multiple .def files for 1.0 & 1.1 Download ~Enjoy~
  9. Rouga Zanma by R@CE AKIR@ & LANCEL

    Rad to see you still kicking R@ce! Also (Note: I am using Mugen 1.1) Those weird error's come with using localcoords, main reason I just switched back to 480p today. It's annoying trying to find/fix all those errors
  10. Small Portraits by Taybear

    Thanks Ghost. New portraits for y'all to enjoy! Asuna by Shin Mako Get it Here Misaka Mikoto by СÑÌÑÌ&&ÒõÌ“µÀ³¤(This is what the def file says, if anyone knows who this is, I'll fix it) (Misaka looks like a 10 year old boy, I might update this sometime soon.) Get it Here Ironman by Zvitor Get it Here
  11. Small Portraits by Taybear

    Thank you, I'll check it out.
  12. Small Portraits by Taybear

    Here's a few new portraits. Batman by Spiderbat & friends Get it Here Remy by One Winged Angel Get it Here Hawkman by Zvitor Get it Here Silver Samurai by Kong(I really wish there was a good/better S.S out there :L) Get it Here
  13. Small Portraits by Taybear

    Thanks! :)
  14. Small Portraits by Taybear

    Title pretty much explains it all. I'm not the best, but I like them, and figure others should enjoy them as they please. :) Well here we go.. Green Arrow by Zvitor Get it here Pyro by Zvitor (two versions) and get version 1 here and version 2 here Judy Rainbow Miopinja and Maggilla by NGI Click their names to download them ^ Sinestro by Chimoru, Buyog, Larramones and Iron Angelus Get it here Chris by Pizzaman Get it Here Electro by Loganir & Verz36 Get it Here Duck Hunt Dog by DJ_HANNIBALROYCE Get it Here Espio by Mugenhunter Get it Here Shadow by Mugenhunter Get it here Big by Mugenhunter Get it Here Bark by Mugenhunter Get it Here Knuckles by Mugenhunter (adapted from a small portrait by Hades) Get it Here Leonardo by Ryon get it Here Hunk by wto38 (works with duracelleur's version too.) get it Here Ken by mouser get it Here Hayato by Mouser Get it here Batman by Spiderbat & friends Get it Here Remy by One Winged Angel Get it Here Hawkman by Zvitor Get it Here Silver Samurai by Kong Get it Here Asuna by Shin Mako Get it Here Misaka Mikoto by СÑÌÑÌ&&ÒõÌ“µÀ³¤ Get it Here Ironman by Zvitor Get it Here enjoy!