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  1. Sensing alot of Karin bias on our site loooooooool

    1. Captain Papyrus

      Captain Papyrus

      Nothing wrong to like an intersting moveset...too bad more than half of it was stripped away in SFV, though, because the original moveset was, for me at least, the only appeal about Karin, because I actually hate snobs.

  2. (Dumb Question) Do the 1.0 SPs work on 1.1???


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ryon


      in most cases you don't need to convert anything.

    3. Dizzy™


      They work. That's your answer.

    4. Reigizuo_78


      Thanks guys!

  3. Anybody have KOF 2002 UM on Steam??? Id like some fights :)

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    2. Reigizuo_78


      we shud play sometime

    3. Squirtle


      im on steam right now if you wanna play

      my steam username is: kysquirtlefanzerofficial

    4. Reigizuo_78


      my user is: Reigi_Ozora18

      my laptop isnt in the best condition right now but we can still try lol

  4. Most annoying MUGEN character you have ever fought?

    BLACK's new character Agni................OH. MY. GOD.
  5. Sheena by Boh released (10/04/2015)

    alt. link please
  6. Well, ima be leaving for CEO '15 Tonight! This is gonna be fun!!

  7. WOW THIS CHAR BRUH...... it even LOOKS UP at his opponents when they jump! just..........................bruh
  8. Rockman Zero by Redline released (04/12/2015)

    Sooooo, Gunvolt Zero? Nice!
  9. Can someone help me load rom on my Fightcade? plz and thank u :)

    1. MultiHackerines98666


      oh, is easy just insert folder roms and done. c:

    2. Reigizuo_78


      problem is that they dont i doing something wrong?

    3. MultiHackerines98666


      no, it's ok, well open ggpofba.exe and click in load game and cilck un scan rom and done.

  10. Guy Cecil by Okina updated (02/04/2015)

    LOL its fine bro. u shudnt take me literally. im usually joke around 
  11. Guy Cecil by Okina updated (02/04/2015)

    look at this sh**    LOOK AT THIS AMAZING SH*T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WHY arent ppl AMAZED at this like i am???? lol
  12. That moment when u go to spent the night a TO's House only to find out it houses at least 20 people, abt 8 in which are world's best known smashers, and u enter like: O_O

  13. nbc_sagat released by Sora Chiyo (31/1/2015)

    lol i think he knows...its just that the character starts in SvC Mode instead of NBC Mode, in which the character represents
  14. TOP 5 Fighting Game Characters!

    1) K' Dash (King of Fighters '99)  2) Tie: Lee Chalon/Violet and Kagura Mutsuki (Tekken/Blazblue: CP)   3) Tie: Ken Masters, Karin Kanzuki, and Cody Travers (Street Figher Zero/Alpha 3)  4) Arcueid Brunestud (Melty Blood)  5) Amy Sorel (Soul Calibur 3)    i wanna do some Honorable Mentions soon as well....