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  1. MLP: FiM - Nightmare Sparkle

    If you also think, Midnight Sparkle sucks, well, here is a real demonic Twilight, just for you! ;) The story: One day, Twilight Sparkle found a strange and unusual book in her library. The book had a black cover, with fiery letters on it, and it had a strange, whispering noise, when someone who was sensitive to magic, touched it. Inside the book, most of the spells, charms, and incantations were well known and familiar to her, but it contained one very complex and ancient looking one. Unfortunately, what she didn't know, the spell was actually a sealing, and when she casted it, she broke it, and accidentally freed an old and powerful demon, which was imprisoned in the book, for a thousand years. The demon immediately possessed her body, and now it use it as a puppet, for his revenge. Your mission is to stop it, and defeat it. Before it brings chaos, and havoc to all of Equestria. Role: Hidden boss Powers and abilities: Because of her possession, Nightmare Sparkle granted new demonic powers, and powerful spells, but in return, her body is not that flexible and agile anymore. No matter how hard you hit her, she stand still, and you also can't grab her. But she can't jump, or run. Compatible: 1.0 and above. Ratio: 16:9 (default) and 4:3 (use the patch in the separated folder) Download Link:
  2. Isabeau Remake (2013)

    Updated. Link to the new version above. Note: This new version is only works in Mugen 1.0 and above, and only works proper on 16:9 ratio!
  3. Pinkamena (20% Cooler version)

    Well, as I wrote on my blog... BTW, I got some report, so I made a little fix. - Fixed wrong position bug in Execution fatal. - Fixed velocities in all hypers. - Fixed turn in combo breaker. - One of the air attacks have an infinite bug, it fixed now. - Timefreeze added to every fatals. - Rare rotation problem fixed. - Minor AI changes. New link above.
  4. Pinkamena (20% Cooler version)

    Pinkamena is originally made by a guy named INVISIBLEGUY-PONYMAN. He worked on it for approximately two years (or maybe more). The sprites were very good, and it have some interesting moves, but other than that, it just felt so unfinished, despite the fact that it clearly has it own potential.That's why I started to remake it, shortly after he released it. I kept what were good (the sprites, and most of the sounds) and rebuild it from the ground up, with new sprites, effects, sounds, voice clips, super, and hyper moves, and of course, fatals. =) Compatible: 1.0 and aboveRatio: 4:3 (default) and 16:9 (use the patch in the separated folder)Download Link:
  5. Dark-Rockula

    Comment: Rockula is an earth type Kula edit, originally made by a guy named German. I liked the concept, the sprites, but I don't liked everything else. That's why I made my own version. :) The changes: - New AI - New sprites, animations, and palettes. - New intros and winstates - New attacks and hyper combos - New sounds and voice (because I don't liked the original) - Shattering (if the enemy lose, when it's petrified) - SFF1 is converted into SFF2 - Combo Counter - Sexy KO - Victory quotes - 12P boss mode - Old low-res effects are removed - Unused effects are removed. - Corner Push method added - Prevent Undergound method added - Many minor fixes Compatible: 1.0 and above Ratio: 4:3 (default) and 16:9 (use the patch in the separated folder) Sexy KO: Supported (but not default) Ryona: Not Download:
  6. [Sailor Moon R] Emerald (2013 updated)

    Fixed. :)
  7. Holy Kula

    New version released. Check the first comment.
  8. [Sailor Moon R] Emerald (2013 updated)

    Okay guys, it's 2014 now, so I made a little update. =) Changes: - Fixed stomp attack (it had infinite bug) - Prevent underground method added - Attributevar method fixed - Other minor fixes and addons Link changed above.
  9. New Sailor Moon R Stages

    Okay, so these are my first stages. 7 maps from the R Plus game, and 1 fixed stage which made by Poshpsylocke, but that was incomplete (fountain). Every map have two different version in the package, a normal (4:3 for winmugen) and a widescreen version (16:9 for 1.0). I tested them, and I didn't find any problem. Enjoy! =) Link:
  10. She is my first SM char, an edited version of Poshpsylocke's Emerald. Changes: - Re-edited, fixed sprites - New color palettes - New HQ effects (hitspark, guardspark, dust, etc.) - New sounds - New hyper attacks - Fixed super attacks - New AI - New methods - Many, many bugfixes Important! This new version is only works in 1.0 and above! Winmugen is NOT supported anymore! Link:
  11. Isabeau Remake (2013)

    My version is palette triggered, so it's only active, if you select pal11, or pal12.
  12. Isabeau Remake (2013)

    Well, 100%Ex-Inferis was her original creator, so maybe he can tell you her "true" backstory. I think, she is a villain, a daemonic witch girl, who (mostly) looks like the original Kula, but her personality is totally different. She act like a real daemon, so she is cruel, merciless, and inhuman.
  13. Isabeau Remake (2013)

    Of course, she is daemonic. =D
  14. Isabeau Remake (2013)

    Ok, here an alternative link: (Outdated, newest version above)
  15. Isabeau Remake (2013)

    Isabeau is one of my favorite Mugen character, and yeah, in the past I tried to edit her (repeatedly). Unfortunately, these edits were pretty bad. In the meantime, I released some other edits, I learned much from them, and here it is, I decied to remake her, once again. =) Added: - New sprites and fixed old sprites (eye scars, clothe details, hair) - New sounds - New intros and winstates - New effects (hitspark, guarspark, dust, etc.) - New palettes - New AI - Missing standard attacks and alternative normals (randomly selected). - Run and short jump - Throws - Hyper combos - Many minor fixes - Boss mode (10th palette) - God mode (11th & 12th palette) Removed: - Mukuro zombie - Venom spawns - Fatal In semi-cheap mode, she use breaker projs, rapid method, auto-recover, anti-stun, never guarding, immune to projectiles and throws, F1 and F2. If her health is too low, she change into a special stage, where recover some health, and use reversal. Cheap mode... well in this mode, she mostly looks like Neo-Reaper Isabeau SSJ9, and very-very cheap. =) Link: