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  1. Sprites of this year

    thank you thefael
  2. Sprites of this year

    orange you fagmo it's based off the tengu and i think it's pretty cool and thanks for the compliment
  3. Sprites of this year

  4. Sprites of this year

    lol thanks i will finish the nine tails
  5. Sprites of this year

    These were done on my phone These are on pc this one was just colored on my phone still working on the nine tails on my phone though so it's like half and half. i just need to find a gif maker for windows mobile then i can do the rest on my phone. it's grayed out because it's still not complete and leechers. updated the vaan from 2010 this year gotta do auron now
  6. neva ,you lost that chance. now you Cant see them until i uupupdupdaupdaupdate the new one
  7. well when i tried to find help no one would help me that's why i help as many as i can sometimes
  8. i had to take the hard path with all the bricks thrown
  9. no rarely anyone posted on my works
  10. Well i've been on ucoz sites, deviantart, and wayofthepixel
  11. DMC : Devil May Cry (2012)

    i was disappointed with the demo didn't have that dmc feel to it they should have made it another game instead of putting it into the series