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  1. INTRODUCTION Welcome! Been quite a long time that I've released something. This is SFV SP at Beta. What's left to be done is just the lifebars. If you need help with the PSD files I'll gladly post a tutorial later. Right now it's just for release purposes and opinions to frequently update or give separate motifs for this screenpack. This screenpack comes with 84 select slots with 1 random slot in the half of each row. SCREEN PREVIEWS OF SCREENPACK Main Menu Character Select: Options: Versus: Win: Stage Select: Mode Select: VIDEOS - In Progress - PORTRAITS PSD Files are located in the download link. Try to figure it how to use it but the localcoords used at the moment is 426.66,320.25 for traditional 320,240 characters. Sizes are doubled for 850x480 resolution. Sizes are triple for 1280x720 resolution. A comprehensive portrait tutorial will be made in this section later. Requests can be made that is not a select port for cursor (since it is SFF edited) and I included a motif psd file if you guys want to customize your roster slots. Download Link:!uIMxWbjb!FpmuMRW4Ab1eXS8C9wRBrfmlJdE95B3GDr4zuS7bIdQ Credits: Street Fighter Vs Tekken (Capcom) for Sound FX for System.snd DivineMorrigan and Yamori X for Morrigan and Lilith characters as template holders for portraits. Street Fighter V (Capcom) for Music Sounds and Theme Integration for screenpack. Feel free to ask any questions. Requests will be taken. The system.def file has another stage font edited for only text if one may wants to use more than the stages that can be provided through only ASCII fonts. Also radar effect also has been done but there are no videos for it to show it yet. Lifebars will be done after through time. Download link will be up when it is fully uploaded. NOTE: RAM HEAVY, must have good computer to run this. 1.1 only.
  2. I fixed the link should work now. Type in this: !Zohy4D_gi3rKU95zKIYeJVMCMs0TOmCrIGth1sbxdT0
  3. SUMMARY: Hi this is a release of the beta of my Ascend Heaven SP. There is no need to edit the sff file but it is currently released as of now and it will be updated soon. I hope you enjoy it and templates are in the SP =) SCREENSHOTS: Main Menu: Options: Select: Versus: Win: VIDEOS: DOWNLOAD LINK:!rB8XECKb!Zohy4D_gi3rKU95zKIYeJVMCMs0TOm
  5. Hi, this is SXVector here. This is my rendition of 7th's SP, but it's more open sourced. There will be tutorials on this thread later on so be aware of the quad posts later on. Screenpack: Size: 1280x720 Mugen Version: 1.1 Ram Required: At least good 4 GB Ram Lifebars: Credits to 7th (I'll be replacing them with new ones I make soon) File Size: 320 MB Author: SXVECTOR Screenshot: Main Menu [img resized=1 width=800 height=450] Options [img resized=1 width=800 height=450] Select [img resized=1 width=800 height=450] Versus [img resized=1 width=800 height=450] Victory [img resized=1 width=800 height=450] Gameplay [img resized=1 width=800 height=450] Video: Here you go, but tutorials will be posted in the later posts and ports can be requested here. Ports Requests: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ports Done: DL LINK: FULL: Yeah it is really complicated. Ill try to make a video today anf give you the new update. Tutorial Link: DL Link:
  6. The party starts when I join the chat room.

  7. CVS4?

    Plans changed. Working on 3rd Strike Rendition.
  8. I'm kinda working on this atm hmm the winner text should be working o-o
  9. I see, as in making more ports for this sp or like new sp? o-o
  10. Woo I'm suprised someone is still using this SP im happy. I'm kinda might go back to this sp as my main sp lol =3
  11. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Ah... true. This sp may take a LOT of work though
  12. Screenshots Mffa Style

    I wasn't kiding when I can recreate shit. 7th's Sp has.. a problem and I like to remake it to my own. it's probably honestly be private since it is kinda copying the ohter guy's idea but i was bored LOL
  13. CVS4?

    i guess it could be both but im tempted to change the menu screen. Seems empty to me. Select screen should be the same and ill change the round tags to jagged edges
  14. CVS4?

    Things aren't final so I can just edit it LOL