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  1. Click the author names to download. Red: offline Yellow: WIP CHARACTERS 蜀 / Shoku Faction Aisha / Kan'u: Suigin: SKM - SS6 || Rinrin / Chouhi: Suigin: SKM - SS6 / Awamizu || Sei / Chou'un: Suigin: SKM - SS6 魏 / Gi Faction Karin / Sousou: Suigin: SKM - SS6 || Shunran / Kakouton: Suigin: SKM - SS6 || Shuuran / Kakouen: Suigin: SKM - SS6 呉 / Go Faction Renfa / Sonken: Suigin: SKM - SS6 || Shaoren / Sonshoukou: Suigin: SKM - SS6 || Shishun / Kannei: Suigin: SKM - SS6 董 / Tou Faction Ren / Ryoufu: Suigin: SKM - SS6 / Kouya STAGES Stages by Margatroid Win+ / 1.1 || Stages by Suigin || Stages by Ouchi || Valley by ExShadow ADD-ONS Lifebars by Phantom Blood [1.1/1280x720] OTHER STUFF AI Patches for Suigin's SS6 SKM Characters AI Patch for Kouya's Ren
  2. Death Released 10/31/2017

    [Preview] [Download] Death: [Comment] Hey there folks I just wanted to get this out for Halloween and all since it seemed just the right time to release it. I hope your all having a good one. Enjoy!
  3. [Preview] [Download] No Motion Ryu: Megane: [Comment] Just another little project I did for fun among the now amassing pile of unfinished wips ive accumulated. Hes sort of like a pseudo SF2 character that uses only two buttons. Megane just has some minor bug fixes and a dodge added to him. Hope you folks enjoy.
  4. Shiratama20

    [Preview] [Download] Shiratama20: [Comment] Quite fun and easy to use. Made by Maruhen.
  5. [Preview] Andy Ryo Ryu Loba Joe Treey Vega(Dictator) Andy(98) Guile Cycl Takum Genjuro [Dowload] Andy: Ryo: Ryu: Loba: Joe: Treey: Vega(Dictator): Andy(98): Guile: Cycl: Takum: Genjuro: [Comment] Heres some of the KoF 99 bootleg stages. The fullset of the KoF 99 bootleg stages(excluding Ioro's because its already been made) and 2 additional stages from Soul Blade vs Samurai Spirits and KoF 98. Credits: Meldo and Roman55 for the BGMs Other Shit: Compatiblity: 1.0 & Win+ Superjump: No Animated: No
  6. Megane released 12/13/2016

    [Preview] [youtube][youtube/] [Download] Megane: [Comment] Just a simple character I ported over from KFX to get back into the swing of coding now with me having some free time on my hand. Hope you folks you enjoy and the credits are in the read me.
  7. Ryoucchi and Toaster make videos

    Yep, just to show off random shit.
  8. Charlce released 9/22/2016

    [Preview] [Download] [Comment] Just a character that took a bit too long to make but thanks to some friends its finally finished. It was a old wip that MelvanaInchains had originally planned to make but never got around to it so I decided to try and make him myself. Hes originally from KoF 98(I think that's what the engine was called? Not from the actual KoF 98 mind you) and i thought it'd be good to give him a kind of early fighting game vibe. Sort of like a title from the same time around SF2. Anyways, I hope you enjoy all the hard work me and my friends put into this!
  9. Zero Divide 2 - Eve's Stage

    [Preview] [Download] ZD2Eve: [Comment] Just a little thing I wanted to try and attempt doing with my partner Ryoucchi to try and get back into making stages from PS1 games. Not everything in the stage is particularly accurate to the source but as accurate as it can be. Theres still a few things missing which will come in later updates such as: -Pillars on left and right side of the stage -Vertical lights in the sky like the source -Clouds from the source game
  10. [Preview] [Download] Gardener: Smoke: [Comment] Part of a experimental series of edits revolving around using a lot of The_None's Arcadboi/Jesse's coding as a base to create some persudo-MK3 characters in a similar manner. Hopefully you folks enjoy it! Rest of the credits are in the zip file as usual.
  11. MFFA's Character of the Month May 2016: Nominations

    My votes. JJBA Lilith by YamoriX - 3 Kamen Rider Duke by Miyaji - 2
  12. Ripping sprite sheets in a faster way

    I know theres some programs that let you batch index sprites but i tend to forget its name but anyways to answer your question, yes you gotta index each and every sprite.
  13. Unber Released

    (Sorry, no video till later, same with custom stage) ----DOWNLOAD----- ----NOTES---- This is my 2nd character release that ive finally accomplished after a good week of work and a bit of practice with coding with all the issues with my first release(Sanshiro I). The goal of this character was to make a Semi-Accurate variation of his original counter part from a similar engine known as Knuckle Fighter. I felt the original wasnt as fun as it could be due to that engine having more limitations compared to mugen. I hope you all enjoy this release and feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you. ----MOVELIST---- Normal Specials -Axe Kick: Hold fwd & A -Axe Hand: D,F,x -Jumping Axe Hand: D,F,y -Knife Toss: D,B,y or D,B,x -Dive Kick Close: D,B,a -Dive Kick Far: D,B,y -Dash Kick: D,F,a -Slide Kick: D,F,b Special Commands -Summon Geinus Roci: Press c with 250 power -Summon R: Press z with 250 power Hypers Commands -Quicker Then Air: D,F,a+b with 1000 or more power -Dive Kick Barrage : D,B,a+b with 1000 or more power ----CREDITS---- -Ryoucchi: My partner whos been supporting me with all my crap and projects. -Roman55, First Lt.Ding, MelvanaInChans, SxVector, Vile Czar Dragon, Daniel9999999, Ryon Persaud, MightyKombat, DarkMario, Ayasme & Dissida: Testers & other supporters -Glisp, Oxe/Lithium Flower, torridGristle: For all the sounds used in the character -MECHANICS & BigLobe: For the sprites -You: For giving up some of your time to try my crap.
  14. [Download] Tag Team System: [Comment] CvS styled Tag System. Made by RedNavi
  15. Toaster's Stage BGM assistance service

    Alright, so how this works is that you post a picture of the stage(or link if it has alot of shifting phase though the stage) you need a BGM for and ill do my best to give you one that will fit the best(if you want a certain theme include it that when asking for one).
  16. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Previews of a little side project im doing while im thinking up ideas for my main one.
  17. Nude mod - Kitana Mileena Jade Skarlet Tanya (NSFW)

    Oh hey Tem(A) nice to see ya here. I had a feelin' you were gonna make somethin' like that since ya made that Lara awhile ago :V. Anyways welcome.
  18. This Attack only hits once

    It hits for multiple times it just the matter that the first hit mus connect in order for the other hits to connect. So, what exactly is your issue here?
  19. Smoke Released & Gardener Updated 4/03/2016

    Did some important updates for Gardener. ---UPDATE LOG---- ---4/03/2016--- -Fixed CUCUMBER hyper spawning clones
  20. God-O-Mite Updated 4/3/2016

    [Preview] [Download] God-O-Mite: [Comment] Because this was a completely necessary. Because the male version of K' hurt my feelings. Alright, April Fools day is over. So this little fellow was created as a result of a MKP fullgame that they tried to make online and had a empty slot and decide to toss in a random Brotherhood of Shadow member to fill it. Its rather dumb so it seemed fitting for a joke so here it ends with this little semi-serious character complete with team function. I Hope you folks enjoyed it.
  21. God-O-Mite Updated 4/3/2016

    Some more fixes. ---KNOWN ISSUES---- -Team changes ever round(not sure whats causing it) -Team shrinking when they're anaimation changes(Probably a reuslt of angeldraw) ---UPDATE LOG---- --4/03/2016--- -Increased hittimes on all arial attacks -Fixed projectiles spawning clones of god-o-mite -Reduced size of COME FORTH MY STAND's projectile hitbox(hopefully fixes issues iwht opponets getting pulled in)
  22. God-O-Mite Updated 4/3/2016

    Fixed up a couple of bugs i missed and that folks over at MFG told me. ---KNOWN ISSUES---- -Team changes ever round(not sure whats causing it) ---UPDATE LOG---- ---4/2/2016--- -Fixed round not ending properlly -Fixed p2 not facing foward correctly in "Big Boy Asswhoopin" & "IM NOT FUCKING AROUND ANYMORE"
  23. Jackie Chan Thorsten and Kim-Maree Stages

    Vram would be what your looking for to rip effects m' textures.
  24. Jackie Chan Thorsten and Kim-Maree Stages

    Nice to see someone else workin' up on some Jackie Chan. If ya need help with ripping some stuff let me know n' ill try my best to assist ya.
  25. Smoke Released & Gardener Updated 4/03/2016

    Thanks Gui. Also Updates! ---KNOWN ISSUES---- -Supers dont detect edges correctly and will make p2 phase though the wall(Still looking into this) ---UPDATE LOG---- ---3/26/2016--- -CUCUMBERS Hyper no longer produces a clone upon contact -CUCUMBERS Hyper no longer gives back power