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  1. Oh wow!! Nice to see you back here Werewood!
  2. Dunno, but I can´t open some spoilers... Why?

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    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      That spoiler opens for me.
      Are you still having the problem?

    3. Staubhold


      Yes... Have this problem for a while...

    4. MissingLuigi


      I'm having this too. I can't open any spoilers.

  3. Rashou Mon by KazeSayuru updated 8/28/17

    Updated on February 4...
  4. Yung Mie

    Hi Ryon... Hm, I know of two versions of her. IMO Xinos did the best version of her... With source game announcer voice.
  5. Bulk Bogan

    This needs a lot of work... CLSN on jumping punch attacks are huge. Blue CLSn on taunt is really strange... Left is his taunt... right is his normal stance CLSN Not much of sounds. Well, bad one...
  6. Gratulation Staubhold, dass Gott immer decken Sie und Ihre Familie mit viel Segen, alles Gute zum Geburtstag ... :)


    Parabéns Staubhold, que Deus sempre cubra você e sua família com muitas bençãos, feliz aniversário... :)

  7. yeah yeah, Happy blah-blah-blah. now go get :confuse:



    1. Staubhold


      Danke für den Geburtstagswunsch. :=D:

  8. happy birthday lemon-senpai:Ohmy: i hope you pass good and take care :D

  9. Happy Staubhold day to you good sir!

  10. Bulk Bogan

    Whatcha gonna do brother when Bulk Bogan and his 24-inch pythons runs wild on you? XD Will test this one...
  11. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    Nice to read that RobotMonkeyHead.
  12. Gta San Andreas Hospital

    Ha! Nice idea. Is it animated?
  13. [STEAM & PS4] Double Dragon IV

    [STEAM & PS4] Double Dragon IV Double Dragon IV is a beat 'em up video game in the Double Dragon series. This sequel is a follow-up to the three original Double Dragon games developed by Arc System Works, including the original director, character designer, composer, and programmer. The new sequel's gameplay and graphics are more akin to the ports made for the NES, with several character sprites & sounds taken directly from those titles. After the defeat of the Black Warriors in Double Dragon II, Billy and Jimmy Lee look to spread their Sōsetsuken martial art by establishing dojos around the country. However, they soon face a new threat in a gang called the Renegades, who have teamed up with the Black Warriors to put an end to Billy and Jimmy once and for all. You get a story mode with co-op option (no online!), a 2 player versus duel mode and a survival style tower mode. You can unlock chars in the story mode (for the duels) and in the Tower Mode (for all modes) with a final hidden boss at the end. Either choose normal or retro tracks in the muisc options for the game. Looks fun to me... Official website
  14. Rashou Mon by KazeSayuru updated 8/28/17

    In the States folder is a config file... There you can turn off his AI