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  1. THE NEXT MFFA TOURNAMENT. Should it Continue?

    I probably missed one of the things in this site I really wanted to try...
  2. Imt Blue For 1.0 With More Slots Added

    This one is pretty neat. I'll check it out. Any lifebars that seem to fit the theme though? These really do suck.
  3. Been a while since I was last here...Real life is killing any time I have to go on the internet.

  4. Touhou Project

    I did not notice that actually.Guess I'll have to check for that now.
  5. Touhou All-Stars

    Nice.I have not gotten to upload my full game yet because of work and school and am currently going to check if it is ready to recieve some love. Anyway I think some lifebars by Kurogane are 1.0 mugen and look really cool.
  6. My browser actually keeps me on when I am not on the page sometimes.Then again some people are just going to download a stage or character in the news/collections pages.
  7. Castlevania

    Oh.I found an Alucard and was going to upload him onto 4shared but oh well.Thanks ZombieBrock.
  8. Castlevania

    We need a new link for Alucard.Anyone care to reupload him?
  9. That is shit.Sorry to hear Laharl.I got a strike because I upload a file with Vanilla Ice from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure named VanillaI.7z and they messaged me about a strike for uploading that file because of similarities between the singer and the file name.They really need to actually check the files before sending a strike.
  10. So bored with many things recently.Trying to keep up school and my job is cramming my internet time.This doesn't look good.

  11. Mugen Online

    Alright then.You got me looking forward for this.
  12. Mugen Online

    Oh I see.So what happens when someone requests cheap or brocken characters?Are they turned down?What happens if a stage or character is for a specific resolution?
  13. Mugen Online

    A dream of mine since I discovered mugen was to play online but this seems....I don't know....Too soon?I feel like it should wait more before online can come out.Is it bug free?How about the characters?Can it be any character or stage?
  14. Blazblue

    Was there not a Blazblue thread already?Either way this one is much better.Great post!
  15. Touhou Project - Edits/Killer Edits

    Thank you guys for answering my question.I guess I will not be downloading her for now then.Maybe when my Gaming tower gets fixed(I'll do it later I swear) I will download her into my mugen there.