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  1. How do I give a character a selectable secondary mode?

    Forgot about this one, try checking the cvs characters code like geese or ryu its there somewhere
  2. How to make palette help

    Try watching ryons tutorials on youtube
  3. How do I change VS screen?

    Yes just extract the vs screen from the sp you like in fighter factory and transfer it to yours with the exact position it was then copy the vs code and replace yours. Don’t forget to check the font though sometimes it will be missing if its custom made.
  4. Archer/Emiya by aka65535 updated 8/6/17

    Wow very nice share
  5. [iPhone/Android] Fire Emblem Heroes

    Tried it yesterday
  6. The Quote of the Day thread

    “To know something is good, To do something is God”~Mike Myers
  7. What's your icon's orgin?

    Mines original started making it on ms word (when I was bored)and added a few smoothing effects on photoshop 8.
  8. Can someone help me with this?

    Did you try using winrar?
  9. Can someone help me with this?

    Is this on Rar? cause if it is you can find an option to fix the archive just check the tabs.
  10. Try using { Joy to Key } to set the buttons
  11. Screenpack Tutorial

    this needs to be pinned
  12. Mugen Record FPS Drop Help?

    lower your mugens res, use these res 640x480/1280x720 on your sp
  13. My Unfinished Screen pack

    Nice SP
  14. Happy Birthday to Me

    Happy Birthday Laharl!!
  15. Palette issues in MUGEN 1.0

    Delete the existing palette and replace it with the new icons palette also I suggest using classic fighter factory when editing sff, ff3 sometimes messes your char.