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  1. Larfleeze by alejandro iaccarino (12/25/2016)

    Thank you! I did not have him, I guess it was 4shared. There was definitely a trojan attached, I have it quarantined still. If I wasn't such a huge Green Lantern fan I wouldn't have bothered, Alejandro's past releases have all been pretty bad. But these sprites do look pretty good, so it's worth a shot. I already know the coding will be poor at best, but you can tell he put in a lot of time and effort into these sprites. Larfleeze might actually be salvageable with some editing. We'll see. Anywho, thank you again SSBK65, you're the shiznit!
  2. Larfleeze by alejandro iaccarino (12/25/2016)

    Hmm...could it be a 4shared thing? Could you do me a HUGE favor and send it to me? Pretty pleased with sugar on top?
  3. Larfleeze by alejandro iaccarino (12/25/2016)

    Have you guys found any viruses in this? My computer absolutely REFUSES to let me download it. Windows Defender immediately deletes it, claiming there is a Trojan within. This is not your typical Chrome nonsense, it seems like there might actually be something to it. I have seen problems with MMV releases in the past. Anyone else seeing anything?
  4. kung fu femenist

    Feedback is good, it's nice to know what's going on with edits like this, where the title/description doesn't really tell you much.
  5. Mizore MVC (Edited by me)

    Cool digs, my man. I like it, looking forward to trying her out. Not a huge fan of KoF playstyle, but I like this character, so this is great, thank you!
  6. CvS C. Falcon Edit by Iver

    Huge improvement, makes a big difference imo. Thank you for sharing! Any chance you would be up to doing the same kind of thing for Chuch's latest version of Link? He needs a resize desperately.
  7. Ai MVC (Edited by Me)

    This is pretty cool, always liked AI. I love her retro video game/Tetris moves....and those legs, ha. Thanks for sharing this.
  8. Ex - Protolexa´s Hemisphere.

    This is a gorgeous stage, thank you for sharing it. You are one of my favorite stage creators, along with ExShadow and Margatroid. All three of you make beautiful, original and unique stages, always with some extra polish on them to really make them shine. You make mugen look so much better than it has any right to.
  9. Batwoman by odin123 released (May 22th, 2016)

    Ha, in other words, a totally new version from scratch?
  10. Banned at MMV for saying "feedback is good"

    @gui0007 At this point, almost everyone is on his side, because if they aren't, they might get banned. Plus, when he deletes the actual posts, and just posts his own edited version, you no longer have any truth in the equation. Banning you was his and that site's loss. You are a fantastic member of the community, I always like the videos you post for new character releases, you post interesting found releases at MFG (which not many people do these days) and here, and you contribute a lot to both MFG and MFFA. And the members there don't even know what they are losing or why, because Volzzilla lies to them about it, and makes us all out to be some kind of horrible monsters. It's just stupid. He acts like a little baby, because he doesn't understand how to talk to people about problems, and find solutions. Most of these things are very small in the true scale of things, and we all have to learn how to let the little things go and get along. MMV suffers for his rash actions and childish behavior, it's the reason why that site is of the quality that it is, where there is almost never any worthwhile feedback, and few of the creators who only post there ever improve, they just make the same mistakes over and over forever. The loss of members like you are a loss for everyone on that site. It's all just really dumb. The smallest little misunderstanding is blown up into major drama, and what should have been a quick conversation ends in tears and anger. It's just not a good way to do things, and adds a ton of unnecessary stress to everyone's life. And there is absolutely NOTHING that validates losing such a worthwhile member of the community such as yourself.
  11. Banned at MMV for saying "feedback is good"

    Now Mr. Volzzilla started a thread saying how he banned me for for a single comment that he posts out of context (about the lack of feedback for poorly made sprites), without everything else i wrote. And he says he banned me for calling him an "ass", but I only did that AFTER he pmed me that he was banning me, and left out all of the stuff I said about how I was not trying to insult anyone. I said I would apologize for getting angry if he did too, but of course he won't. And that only happened AFTER the ban message. Yes, I got angry he was banning me for nothing, and personally attacking me and deleting my messages. It's great when someone can attack you for stuff you never even said. Volzzilla is a liar, and now I know all of the things I have heard about him through the years is true. And they are saying something about me not liking Chuchoryu? that's absolutely NOT true. I happen to really like Chuch, I've always defended him, here and at MFG, and I love the Variasuit Samus he just released. Chuch is a really nice guy and I have always supported him. I'm really tired of the non-stop lying going on over there. It's pathetic. I wish I had the free time to just sit around all day attacking people and collecting money from adfly. Oh, right, he doesn't make any money from that...it's purely for aesthetic value.
  12. Banned at MMV for saying "feedback is good"

    Because I said that the usual response to a release that needs a lot of work is +1 and those damn clapping hands emojis, without any actual, useful feedback. Apparently that is too insulting to allow me on the site.
  13. Banned at MMV for saying "feedback is good"

    No, you are 100% correct. I did not say anything insulting. You can read what I said in the Hulk Mix thread, I was responding to someone saying that they don't like feedback because it tends to be negative. Volzzilla acted like I insulted his mother, and attacked me personally. I tryed to say I wasn't trying to insult anyone, and to make a not so long story even shorter, he banned me. He didn't even read what I said, because he was reacting to things that weren't there. It's very strange. Also, not a big fan of the way he uses Adfly to profit from others creations. It's kind of...well...I think it might be illegal. I could be wrong though, I am certainly no patent/copyright lawyer.
  14. Wow, so guys, don't ever say that feedback is good at MMV if you like that place. Apparently feedback = insult, and you get banned for it. It's pretty ridiculous.