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  1. Problems with Porygon Z

    Problems with Porygon Z Hello to anyone reading this Im currently making sprites for porygonZ problem is the outline for porygonz is the same color as the background color that I use when making these sprites some of the outline colors get a tiny bit warped nothing bad. Despite having the correct pal. I think this might have something to do with the programs themselves as the one I use is an OSX application and fighter factory if a windows application thus some data regarding colors might get corrupted. Even when I change my default background color or the outlines colors temporarily for porygonZ. This problem only seems to be specific to porygonZ and the Options explod for it. the rest of the characters I've edited or am even making at this moment seem to be fine and do not have this error. The most effective solution seems to be changing porygonz outline color and then recoloring it FF. I've talked to a few people about it in /v/ that claim there apart of this website. this seems to be "a problem specifically tailored to me "as one person had put it. As I'm the only "mugenite" to use this program while simultaneously transporting sprites made from it over to FF. A simple solution to this would seem to just change the background colors to something that is in the act file itself problem is I do that transport it over to the program then FF and colors end being freaky while having the correct pal. If it's any help Computer used: Macbook Pro 2012 model Programs Used: Fighter Factory 3x86 GIMP and Paint2 for OSX