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  1. Super Smash Bros. Mugen by K.Y-Shanxi

    I crown you as champion!
  2. UMCTX Character Roster

    Good luck...
  3. Tekken Character Pack - 106 Characters!

    Welp.. all for nothing..
  4. Street Fighter 5 Mugen Edition

    Not good at all.... can you remove holy ken for a balanced ken
  5. Terraformer

    Let me educate you guys! It's a humaniod roach creature from that Horror Anime called Terraformars. Be sure to let google be your friend. :) It's a pretty good anime I recommend you to watch alone. Watch the uncensored version because the censored version is mostly black covering the gore.
  6. Goutetsu [SF3] by Failure

    Anyone has the stage to download. Looks amazing...
  7. Eagle by CrazyKoopa (WinMugen Version)

    Amazing one of my faves in the series..
  8. Creator's Edits Collection: TwistedSynapse & Below273

    Love the characters are there more...
  9. Bills hakai (Joke character, Eraser Bills) by coldskin1

    Did he just erase him there...
  10. ETK (ETALKING Chars)

    My Shaokhan is down please bring him back!
  11. Gokuruto by Nardo

    Basically a fusion of Goku and Naruto.
  12. Celebrity Diva Edits

    Don't you mean Marilyn Monroe?
  13. Broly by Coldskin1

    Thats how Broly should be!
  14. Android 18 by G-knux and Coldskin1

    BEST 18 Girl ever...
  15. Vegeta GT Transform by Froozen K

    Overall pretty good but not the best..