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  1. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    I made a slight update to Violentest Ken - Made his theme music slightly louder. Download link is on my website if you want it, otherwise, not a big change.
  2. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    I've said my piece about the edit in the comments of that video, but because I didn't edit it, I'd appreciate it if it was not added to this collection.
  3. Creator's Edits Collection: TwistedSynapse & Below273

    Both TwistedSynapse and Below are good friends of mine and I can say with confidence that they're amazing at what they do. If you haven't seen these characters in action yet, I highly recommend that you do.
  4. The Violentest Ken in the World released by Brergrsart (02/09/2018) I made an edit of The Bestest Ken in the World because some people in a YouTube comments section said so. Isn't that reason enough? Pretty cheap character, so be forewarned, but still beatable. Download him here.
  5. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    I did a thing: Download him here.
  6. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    Yeah, that's why I don't feel like chasing after them too much. Again, it's not as big of a deal as it seems at first, so it's all good.
  7. I'm just gonna copy and paste what I put in the About Me section of my website: Yes.
  8. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    Thanks <3 This issue really isn't as big as people seem to be making out to be, but it's good to do damage control before something bad does happen.
  9. Street WTFighter

  10. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    So I managed to get a new MFFA account so I can say this: From now on, please only re-upload the characters I explicitly list on my website's character page. The fangame I made for Joel is a special case because I made minor edits to existing characters for game balance, and thus those characters don't count as mine. As for stages, I'll be making a page for them soon, so you'll know which ones are by me and which aren't. If you are unsure about if it's okay to re-upload something of mine, please ask me first. (I still can't get a MUGEN Archive account, so that's a thing).