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  1. Lessions (ver. SA) [Mugen 1.1 - Stage]

    Is very simple and Cool LOL Nice :)
  2. Melty Blood Ikemen Remix Release Made and Coded By OldGamer

    Wooah...Too cool.
  3. Vegeta SSJ2 (JUS)

    Ohhh.... Look nice! Great job Antnub1
  4. WN-Zoro [0.8b]

    Wooooa... So cool ;)
  5. [MUGEN Character Release] Duralminn Final by Uchihas Hi guys! This is my first post in this forum... I wait your comments :) This character is adaptable to MUGENGERS, MUGENGERS 2 and King of Fighters Memorial The character have AI and EXs style KOF XIII [Character info] Name = "Duralminn" Displayname = "Duralminn" Versionadate = 01.05.2017 Author = "Uchihas" MugenVersion = 1.0 Pal.Defaults = 1 ;Localcoord = 320,240 Duralminn Video: Duralminn Char Download (Mediafire) Special Thanks to Duralminn :) please come back
  6. Hello MFFA!

    Hello MFFA! Hello Mugen Free For All! I'm Uchihas and for some time I have wanted to join this beautilful community. I am a creator and editor of Characters and Screenpacks (Normally Screenpacks) I love the Gore / Yandere Anime and the TLOZ saga I'm not going to extend much so see you :) Realmente hablo Español pero como en esta comunidad la mayoria hablan inglés...