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  1. Nep MUGEN

    There can only be one magical girl...
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    "Wave 131" - Streets of Rage 2 (remixed by Nick Taylor)
  3. Nep MUGEN

    Four brave girls challenge one of the most iconic superhero teams in fiction.
  4. Nep MUGEN

    Combos are magical~...
  5. Nep MUGEN

    No mercy for parry spammers.
  6. Nep MUGEN

    Hotaru Futaba enters the Streets of Rage!
  7. Do you ever raise attack power?

    Very rarely since it's almost never needed and the only time I've done it is raising Attack for Sennou-Room's Eri Hasumi by 10% since her combos don't pack even a moderate punch by default (all considering she can be a little lacking in tools compared to his other Sennou creations).
  8. This Goenitz might need a bit of fixing, he will sometimes remain stuck in an attack animation loop when he clashes with his opponent.
  9. A Watcher's Video Thread

    Glad that I was able to participate for this 700th video. Good job, everyone.
  10. Nep Heart General Videos

    I do a boss run for Sonic: After the Sequel. It's a fantastic fangame!
  11. Nep Heart General Videos

    Nep Heart General Videos This'll be a thread devoted to all videos non-MUGEN. Hope you enjoy Sonic Time Twisted OST's, these two tracks never made it into the final version (and nor did the stages themselves)
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    "Whoa, I'm In Space Cuba" - Mighty Switch Force!
  13. Nep MUGEN

    Opponents requested by Mugenwatcer.
  14. I'd love a good Neptune for MUGEN.