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  1. Characters You Wish Were In Mugen

    -Pennywise (Cheep Character) -Kangaroo (Kangaroo (Video Game) (Can Summon The Boxer Gorilla, Can Summon Monkeys, Joey Appears one of Kangroo's Win Pose) -Pengo (He Can Push Ice Blocks on opponents and Can Summon Sno-Bees) -Thief (Lock 'n' Chase) (He Can Summon Stiffy, Scaredy, Smarty, and Silly) -Tiki (The NewZealand Story) (Phee-Phee Appears on one of Tiki's Win Pose) -Frozone (The Incredibles) (He Can Freeze the opponents with Ice Powers and He Yells "Honey! Where's My Super Suit!?!" on one of his Win Pose) -Chack'n (Chack'n Pop) (He Can Drop Circle Bombs on opponents, He Can Summon enemies from the game, Miss Chack'n Appears on one of Chack'n's Win Pose) -A Better Version of Kool Aid Man -Final Update of Shimmering Brony/ToonAlexSora007's Arnold (Hey Arnold!) -Cleveland Brown (Family Guy) (For Warner) -Chris Griffin (Family Guy) (For Warner) (Cheep Character) -Lois Griffin (Family Guy) (For Warner) (She Uses A Sword Cutting a Opponents' Head With Opponents' MK Head Cut and Headless Oppnents State on Her Finishing Hyper Like On AD!VSFG:KF2) -Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons) (For Warner) -Radical Rex (He Can Breathe Fire burning the Opponents, He Can Roar Making the Opponents Dizzy)
  2. Childrens Cartoon characters you would like to see on Mugen

    -Sergeant Stripes (His Strikers are Arabella Giraffe, Fluffy Mouse and Inspector Hector) -Comet (Astroblast!) (His Strikers are Halley, Radar, Sputnik, Jet and Sal) -Nigel Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys) (That's is a Smashing Idea To Be In Mugen) -Flain (Mixels) (He Can Burn opponents with Fire and Can Transform and Mix with Teslo on One Of His Hypers) -Poppy Cat (Her Strikers are Alma, Zuzu, Mo, Owl and Egbert and Can Fly With Her Rocketship on One Of Her Hypers)