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  1. here's the two versions of Broly Broly by Flowagirl/Necromancer: Broly by Ryon:
  2. thanks, This Request is Now Completed and this should be moved to the Complete Request section
  3. Edited: Nodog sended the Normal Matt, so this request has now been completed (execpt his Other Versions) Here's a New Link to Matt by Lozmaster300:!dp4XTDyS!tKArxzWV3Q5HVtp63Pjz5R6Qjxn53seWK000tY874dM Matt by Lozmaster300 So Emandsam (Emily) told me to do a request of Matt by Lozmaster300, so here. Matt was seen in some videos: At 2:37 At 2:05 and there's Shadow Matt too in this video at 2:02 and the clones of Him at 0:22 Here's some broken links of the other versions of Matt: Shadow Matt: The Matt Clones: When someone has the links of 2 Other Versions of Matt by Lozmaster300, Reupload it and send a new link of all of them.
  4. <Mod edit: Blacklisted URL removed> Found it myself.
  5. Pksparkxx and Metal Haruhi This is something where Emandsam (Emily Pearce) told me to do a content request for these two characters he was gonna told me too Here's a video Pksparkxx at 0:00 and 2:12 and Metal Haruhi at 2:20 and 4:46
  6. (This Request is unsolved) I think it was seen in this video where he against Sir Norma by Valgallah, also i ask SanoTohno for the Photo Fighter X Character by Smachu in the comments and he never respond it to me, so who has it anyways?, and also he was is also in this video where he against by No Motion Ryu by The Magic Toaster. and then Smachu's GetUploader Link is Down, when someone had it before his getuploader's link is down, reupload it and send it to me.
  7. Boss Type by Nekkou K.O.N It's Some KFM Edit, and he can kill person with one Hit! The Link for Boss Type is lost and that Cheap Edit KFM is Terrible, when someone has the link of him, send it to me.
  8. yep here he is:
  9. GCNMario (N64Mario) Sended Epic Kung Fu Man in my MUGENGuild Topic, this request has been solved. Here's the link: Here's a video for it.
  10. Request is Completed, now this has to be moved to the complete requests.
  11. okay, and i told you this topic is about Epic KFM by TheComet and OnePunchMan not Luigi Segami but alright.
  12. the link was deleted i guess so i guess i never download him.
  13. sorry but no and here's a message An Error Has Occurred! The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.
  14. here some mind if i answer. I wish i have Stupid Kung Fu Man in this video Reverse Kung Fu Man at 2:57 and this Invisible KFM name Mienai
  15. okay but i will think some all of it until april, so here's some.
  16. Mac by Steven M When i get on his Website for the Mac Character from MUGEN, but it doesn't exist anymore and his website is still up. here's a link of it. When has Someone had a new reupload of Mac from MUGEN, Reupload it, Find It and then Send it to Me.
  17. Stepstick by thenorm he was in MUGENGuild Projects on a mediafire link, but now it's deleted and now he's offline, when someone had stepstick by thenorm, reupload a new mediafire or dropbox link and then send it to me. Here's a broken link: and here's a screenshot of Stepstick: Here's a video of Stepstick: he's at 1:43 and 2:51 and then 5:10 and 6:12.
  18. also i think there is no links of the rest in this video that Stepstick by thenorm was in.
  19. Also this Page is about Mac by Steven M not Slice by Jellyball.