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  1. Does someone has WMG?

    Does someone has WMG? It is from this video by KirbySuperstar101, but it was uploaded on sendspace and the real WMG Link is now offline and no one can download it, when someone has a new link for it, reupload it and send it.
  2. Jack the Stickman

    Jack the Stickman It's from this video and on a onedrive but his folder is empty. When Someone Reupload him in Mediafire or Dropbox, Send it to Me.
  3. Does this Exist whos the author of this creation

    What is this Character at FrancoIIIOliquino's Roster? in 0:09 - 0:27 from this video at FrancoIIIOliquino is actually me.
  4. Stepstick by thenorm

    Stepstick by thenorm he was in MUGENGuild Projects on a mediafire link, but now it's deleted and now he's offline, when someone had stepstick by thenorm, reupload a new mediafire or dropbox link and then send it to me. Here's a broken link: and here's a screenshot of Stepstick: Here's a video of Stepstick: he's at 1:43 and 2:51 and then 5:10 and 6:12.
  5. does someone had a original character name Egghead by Sonicrulez10 Well it was on megaupload, before his link is offline, when someone had a new link for it reupload him and send it to me, he has a yellow head, green shirt and blue pants, because it's that what he looks like, but no picture sorry.
  6. This Request has finally complete.

    oh that's why you need to register for MUGEN Archive and download any files for it, so okay, but thanks for asking him anyways for the character.
  7. This Request has finally complete.

    It's Completed, now you can get him in the links below: Other Link: (Get the Green Download Button and then download him)
  8. This Request has finally complete.

    also i have forgot about zsylam about him making the special sprites of the Stickman when he got a fatality by Shang Tsung by Juano16, and he was used in mostly original videos of him in the series such as him teaming up with Nanarman against Sonic and Tails and him teaming up with Hydron against Pyron and Squidward, glad to see him return for a long time though.
  9. This Request has finally complete.

    Wait we've got it, thanks for BluEngineerCKG43 for asking zsylam for the Stickman Character made by Ilgruggio & adoratoreodino and now he finally reupload him on the MUGEN Archive, now add this content request and move this to complete request section now. Here's the links: Reuploaded Link: (Find the Green Download button and Download him) MUGEN Archive:
  10. Stick Mad Man

    Stick Mad Man It's a Stick Figure that whooh has, where he has the link on sendspace but he never send it and never replied it, it was from this video. Make sure to find a new link to Stick Mad Man, i really need it so much and everyone wants it in the comments on the video.
  11. Kung Fu Box by Jellyball

    Kung Fu Box by Jellyball It's from this Screenshot, and it was on sendspace in a mugenguild topic but it was deleted and no longer available, when someone has KFB by Jellyball, reupload it and then send it to me. Here's a Screenshot of Kung Fu Box as Player 2 against Slice as Player 1.
  12. CZMugen's Request Thread

    i'm waiting for the links
  13. CZMugen's Request Thread

    CZMugen's Request Thread well i'm looking for some lost characters from MUGEN here are some list 1- Omega Weegee by Pedro Higin (this character was on 2shared before he's offline) 2- NicoNicoRun by paoradcdonald894 (It was on AXFC but the link was offline and no one can download it) 3- THX by bubsyinsmashbros (It was on MEGA but the link has deleted so THX is Offline) 4- Madotsuki by Eiten (The Link was on Dropbox but now finally deleted and now she's offline) 5- Stickman by _不明氏 (Look this up on my content request)不明氏/ (also when someone has some, you'll find a new link and reupload it)
  14. Does soemone has Stickman by _不明氏

    and i don't know what he looks like.
  15. Does soemone has Stickman by _不明氏

    Does soemone has Stickman by _不明氏 i don't know what the Stickman by _不明氏 Looks like, does someone had it it's made in 2012/02/06, when someone had Stickman by _不明氏, send the link and reupload it to me so i can have it. It's from this website:
  16. AndriodAppsReview's Characters

    who has the reupload links?
  17. AndriodAppsReview's Characters

    AndriodAppsReview's Characters Well you know i was Shazam7121 posting the topic of AndriodAppsReviews in MUGENGuild since AndriodAppsReviews is me, here is the link: Here's a video what it looks like: Also i post a link to send some 4 of My MUGEN Characters and 1 MUGEN Stage in mediafire but they decided to deleted it, now you won't get them since i deleted them in mediafire, when someone had andriodappsreviews's characters, send it to me That's how Shreklol got this from my MUGEN Wikia Account there, when someone had them send it and reupload the files to me.
  18. Does soemone has Stickman by _不明氏

    does someone has the links for this stickman?
  19. Does soemone has Stickman by _不明氏

    Go to Crtl-F to search for and you'll find _不明氏 - in the google site, and then you'll try to look for it.
  20. Silent and Ruinous Room

    wait i got it now, yay thank you dude.
  21. Silent and Ruinous Room

    (Fixed: The Request is Now Solved since i have a japanese password for the same creator's homepage for the password to the character on the AXFC Website for Silent and Ruinous Room for Pop'n Music then now i've got it thank you) (this will be totally added to the complete request section) Here's two portraits of two Pop'n Music Characters by Pianist-N: Silent Room: Ruinous Room:
  22. Some Request Thread

    here's a link to Epic KFM
  23. Some Request Thread

    Some Request Thread Does someone had Epic Kung Fu Man by TheComet: (We Already have Cursor by N64Mario, Dialog Box by Toma and K.F.M.C by Chotto-Komaru from MUGEN, but now i need Epic Kung Fu Man by TheComet but his link is lost) when someone had a reupload link of Epic Kung Fu Man by TheComet Here's a video for it. (OnePunchMan is already solved, cause i found it already by myself)
  24. Does anyone remember a character that is Drawn in MS Paint?

    the request is solved, add it to the complete request section.
  25. it's completed, it's Asborb by Metasponge64, now the request has finally solved.