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  1. This Request has finally complete.

    MUGEN Archive is not allowed on this website though
  2. 2 Of these marios I think that jumpman might be on this pack...
  3. Undertale Toriel by Gramsen Pizzasauce's edit.
  4. What characters do you want to be converted into mugen?

    Huo Chai Ren, Jian Ci Lang, Jiang Bao, Liu Mang, Mario, Mo Shu Shi, A Shuang, Terminator, Wu Liao Jun, Jie Jie and Xiao Pan from Dong Dong Never Die.
  5. Holosseum

  6. Burning Rival

  7. The Ninja Warriors

    Oh hey gui! Joey Faust has made some other The Ninja Warriors chars: Flame Ninja: Maboroshi Yuuki Yamori:
  8. Violent Storm

    Nice collection too.
  9. Obscure Chars WIP

  10. TwinBee

    Nice collection!
  11. BluEngineerCKG43's Request Thread

    Hello and welcome to my request thread. Where i will request some chars that are offline or hard to find. SOLVED REQUESTS: Edd, Princess Jasmine and Megara V2 by Beanfan112 I found these chars in Jenngra505's Ikemen fullgame named George vs Vinnie. Thanks Jenngra! UNSOLVED REQUESTS/CHARACTERS THAT IM LOOKING FOR: Sanpei by DRACUL NEW REQUEST! Gouken by Mugenmonkey
  12. Cartoon Network

    Christiandel42008's Benson and High Five Ghost links are dead
  13. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    No problem!
  14. BloodStorm Some bloodstorm stages.
  15. MapleStory

    Killa Jax's link is overwritten with Leila's link.
  16. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    He also made an full game.
  17. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    His joel character is absolutely the greatest thing ever.
  18. The Most Unlikely Crossovers

    Nice crossover.
  19. Survival Arts

    Finally! Someone made Mongo's Stage for M.U.G.E.N!
  20. Freedom Planet (and 2)

    DuckSS left mugen and deleted everything from his OneDrive and Mediafire.
  21. Os PT/BRs do MFFA

    Eae galera!
  22. Mighty Warriors

    No problem!
  23. Commander Keen updated (01/08/2018)

    I've downloaded it and its a very great character! Thank you for making it!
  24. Creator's Collection: Dxwho

    And in the full game i sent you There are versions of White Ninja and Donimatrix in Kasumi Vortex gameplay.