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  1. Oh and BTW. I'm pretty sure that Chapulin character doesnt appear in Street Chaves.
  2. Cool! It's great to see that you are making 2 Jackie Chan chars!
  3. Hey Ryou. I found another Shadow Fighter char for this collection. Electra by Team-Allstarmegamix-Games:
  4. For some reason i cant download it. EDIT: I just found out this post was from 2014. Sorry.
  5. I'm glad to see that MFFA is back again.

  6. (i think) Mugen archive is actually not allowed here though. So you need to upload the character on another site like mediafire or dropbox...
  7. I cannot download 2 iwao stages and i cant download the Pizza Stage V1. Can you fix this?
  8. cool. and G O O D (Sorry i had too. Btw this char is good)
  9. And btw. I wish this was a legit char. Not an april fools char.
  10. I tested him out. And he jumped into the enemy and killed him instantly and then dabbed. Yes. It's a APRIL FOOLS CHARACTER
  11. Nice! I will download it right now! EDIT: Wait a minute! This was launched in April, 1. So... This one must be a april fools char right?
  12. It looks very nice! I will download it!