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  1. [NS] Super Mario Odyssey

    I was talking about some time ago, it was really a great game. I like the mario character, now I'm spending too much time on the game but it's really fun.
  2. Random Super Smash Bros Brawl pictures

    Yes! It is really beautiful photos.
  3. RM007's Sprites

    I guess I could make my sprite of Daphne after I make my sprite of Risky Boots. You need to add shadows and soft shadows in those sprites.
  4. Botanic Panic

    It is very interesting to thank
  5. Worlds I wish to see are a Treasure Planet world the Tarzan World return.
  6. Funny Megaman Boss ideas

    Bubble Buddy Man Blood, Guts, and Gore Man Spiked Wall Man
  7. Hello everyone

    Me too.
  8. [PC] Super Mario War

    I also played it a lot, it was really fun.
  9. [PSVita+PS4] Killing Bites fighting game

    only the PS3 port of Bayonetta seems to be a bad thing
  10. Street Fighter 5 announced

    I think that's a good thing
  11. 5 Characters you would love to see in Super Smash Bros 4

    Toad Spear Waddle Dee Rayman, Daisy, (Toad là ẩn trong smash 4), Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot,
  12. [Ps4/NS (?)] No more Heroes 3

    yes! It seems a bit sad