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  1. Ruby Rose W.I.P

    Bad news guys. i went to load up fighter factory. and somehow my SFF file got corrupted. can i ever win? like ever?
  2. Ruby Rose W.I.P

    Thanks man. I was planning on using them. But i couldn't find rips of them anywhere.
  3. Ruby Rose W.I.P

    Theirs actually something i forgot to mention. I've have not been able to find clean voice clips of Ruby for this. if you can find some clean ones that would be really appreciated
  4. Ruby Rose W.I.P

    Ruby Rose W.I.P I am working on Ruby Rose from RWBY in mugen. Currently she only has four attacks, one of which never connects at the moment. Three of them are on the ground, and one of them is in the air. I need to make it so that shes able to combo better, and fix some other stuff like her CSS/Lifebar icon. i'll update you guys when i manage to get things working
  5. Corrupted Jumping Sprite

    Corrupted Jumping Sprite So i'm working on Ruby Rose. and i'm having this glitch where for some reason. when she jumps her "Starting Jumping Up" animation. her sprites get corrupted. and when she's in the air she becomes invisible. how do i fix this?
  6. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

    I think you should mark AkagiK's Sailor Moon as NSFW because from what i've read. if you keep attacking her after she's out of heath, her clothes will be ripped up.