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  1. Every time I click the home button I get signed out. WHAT.

    1. BluEngineerCKG43


      It happened to me too :/

  2. Supreme Sagat BETA 2.1 FIX 15 December

    This version of Sagat sounds cool. I will test him soon.
  3. Thanks to NFKRZ I now know about VidLii and I'm going to join it this week. So if you know any good characters that were made in 2008-2010 please link them. Because VidLii is old YouTube so I would like to bring some Mugen content to it. Also I will be using WINMugen. So no 1.0 characters.

  4. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    I have a song from Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold. Sakura's theme. Shouldn't cause any problem's cuz Alpha tracks loop by default. You can download the song here: http://www.gamethemesongs.com/Street_Fighter_Alpha_2_Gold_-_Sakura_Theme.html
  5. Undertale

    This Papyrus A.I patch was made before the Mega update. So put this besides the old Papyrus.
  6. Cuphead

    Alright here's Cuphead by Mystery107: https://www.mediafire.com/file/yzdunlo6647rld5/Cuphead(NES+Styled).zip?ssl=1
  7. Cuphead

    I will ask Joey for the regular link.
  8. any charachters?

    Boi your missing out on one of the funniest characters I have ever seen.
  9. any charachters?

    https://mega.nz/#!B90Q1B5A!iduWF1V24YioGlYxoKtKtSjMx5_74jwflNWNDrBLr5Y You won't be disappointed
  10. Pokémon

    Enderloce_Peo64's Sandslash edit https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-F-a-arffxIQg8V8dr1Uobuft2pR-tZS
  11. Pokémon

    Joey shat this out. File name is Super Rotom: https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0Bzv4UbA19nJdbGdqbTFxNE0tSHc
  12. I'm so going to download and try this out tomorrow.
  13. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    I have a song from Sonic Forces. It has lyrics but Sonic songs often loop so I don't think there will be any problems with this one.
  14. Infinite Colonel Sanders (POTS style) by IkuTron HD

    PotS style Colonel? Alright let's give this a shot.