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About Me

Out of character: I RP, game, write and play MUGEN. Below is this character's biography


Name: Adena Mathis
Birthdate: April 13 2881 
Age: 21 (Season 1), 23 (Season 2)
Sex: Female
Race: Phoenix
Alignment: Good
Strengths: "Get to know me first..."
Weaknesses: Not a good swimmer, Not very good at math
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Emerald Green
Body Type: Slender with a slightly built physique
Elemental Type: Fire
Height: 5'6" (167cm)
Weight: 139 lbs (63kg)
Organization: None
Spirit Animal: Phoenix
Zodiac Sign: Aries 
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster (1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005 are also years of the Rooster)
People label her: Hotstuff
Scars: None
Markings: None
Piercings: Wears sun shaped earrings as Goddess Adena
Gifted: She has a record of finishing over 465 videogames
Weapons of choice: Hellbringer
Intellect: She comes up with strategies to defeat certain opponents
Personality Traits: Hot blooded, Selfless, Enthusiastic, High Spirited
Romantic Interests: Someone who is strong, beautiful, reliable and not a burden
Relationship Status: Single
Family: Fei Yin (Adoptive Father), Alyssa (Adoptive Mother)
Likes: Gaming, Cats, Winning her fights, Beautiful and strong women like her 
Dislikes: Losing, Stubborn people, Boredom
Favorite Foods: Cheeseburgers, French Fries, Chicken, Tuna Fish, Porkchops


1945 A.D, Gyra The Phoenix King

During World War II the Phoenixes were driven off by the Nazis which had developed highly advanced weapons capable of wiping them out. The Phoenixes had fell back and retreated into outer space where they find an uninhabited planet to colonize. One of them known as Gyra however had chose to stay behind. Gyra was a tyrant among the Phoenixes who possessed a power level exceeding the rest of his kin and because of that he puts that immense strength to good use in order to buy everyone they time they needed to escape. After a long and hard fought battle against the Nazis Gyra had fled to America and chose to live among the humans his race once had dominance over. He soon came to realize a better understanding of humanity after falling in love with a human woman named Priscilla. Soon after the two married and bore children thus giving birth to a bloodline of the Phoenix race that would exist on this planet. 

1972 A.D Gyra's Passing 

Gyra had met his end at the hands of a Nazi assassin who plunged into his vitals with the Phoenix killing weaponry. On the verge of death he dissolves into the Phoenix flames that would pass onto the next child worthy of carrying out his will. Every 700 years through a selected generation Gyra is reincarnated. 

2881 A.D, Gyra's Next Incarnation 

Two years had passed since the martial artist known as Fei Yin joined forces with six warriors to prevent the world from suffering a nuclear holocaust at the hands of the madman Eugene Sardius. He and the sorceress Alyssa became a couple and settled down living peaceful lives. Fei Yin desired to use his fists for another purpose other than battling worthy opponents and the forces of evil. Fei Yin then decided that he will live out the rest of his days as an instructor of martial arts where he would teach those he deemed worthy of becoming the successor to carry out the legacy of his fighting style. While training in the mountains, he gets an unexpected visitor who is revealed to be the warrior woman known as Agares, from the planet Kasaar who liberated the kingdoms of her galaxy from corruption and joined forces with the Seven Heroes 700 years after that. She was indeed a great ally to Fei Yin and the others though she was in a sickly condition. Fei Yin greatly worried about his friend asks Agares of her current condition. Agares in turn informs him that her time is up. 

Agares explains everything to Fei Yin about the Phoenix race having a 700 year lifespan and her being the current reincarnation of Gyra, the mightiest of said race. 700 years had passed since she liberated her galaxy and went to help Fei Yin. Though she was lucky to live long enough to see them succeed. Agares now at the age of 704 would suddenly burst into flames while Fei Yin unable to do something about it watches in sorrow. Agares is gone, and she is now reduced to a heap of black ashes. Shortly after her passing Fei Yin hears the loud cries of an infant and sees a baby girl rise from the ashes of his deceased friend. 

To honor his fallen friend Fei Yin takes the baby to raise as his own, now knowing the bloodline of the proud Phoenix race must live on. Returning home to Alyssa and three daughters they adopted he explained everything. The baby was named Adena. And last but not least Adena was the newest addition to Fei Yin's family and the youngest of his daughters. 

2887 A.D, Early Childhood 

At the tender age of 6 Adena feeling withdrawn from her siblings, left to play outside on her own. That is until she'd find Fei Yin putting his martial art skills to work. Adena found herself fascinated by the elegant but fierce movenents incorporated into Fei Yin's fighting style as he trained hard, hoping to develop new techniques and to brush up on his current skills. His training however comes to a halt when he spotted Adena watching him from behind a tree. Adena, afraid that he'd scold her tries to make a run for it. Much to Adena's surprise Fei Yin tells her not to worry. Knowing rather well that Adena had an interest in the martial arts Fei Yin takes it upon himself to train Adena. She would become the next master of Guren Shinken and seeing the determination in her eyes he believed in her. Day after day Adena trained with Fei Yin, and the other students who were willing to learn the Guren Shinken style. The training was rigorous but in the end Adena never gave up and pulled on through. Her ambition at such a young age was something Fei Yin grew to admire. 

2889 A.D, A Tragic Event 

Three years later Fei Yin makes his decision and chooses Adena to become the next successor to carry out the Guren Shinken style's legacy. Adena, happy to have achieved such a goal was overjoyed to follow in her father's footsteps. Had it not been for her burning determination, persistence and hard work her purpose in life might have taken a different direction. 

Fei Yin's home would be visited by a villainous brigade of bandits led by a tyrannical warlord named Hyuga. Hyuga was a marauder who scoured land after land ravaging cities and pillaging villages to collect young children he deemed gifted so he could make them new additions to his ever growing army of banditry. He caught wind of Adena and the three other girls who were taken in under Fei Yin all of whom were talented in their own right. Approaching Fei Yin the tyrant had offered him riches in exchange for the girls. Fei Yin however not content with letting her daughters walk the path of hatred refused. Hyuga did not take this refusal too well and out of retaliation Hyuga and his minions attempt to take the girls by force. Fortunately luck was on Fei Yin's side since he was aided by his pupils, Alyssa, and of course his daughters who were willing to fight them off. They managed to bring down scores of them. But Hyuga was no pushover. He slaughtered half of Fei Yin's pupils who got in his way as if they were mere flies. Fei Yin fueled with rage takes it upon himself to face the tyrant in one on one combat. Adena was going to aid him. But Fei Yin fearing of what would become of his daughter tells her not to interfere and to flee with the remaining party (Alyssa, her sisters and the pupils who survived). After that was settled the battle between Fei Yin and Hyuga ensued. 

Their battle was fierce indeed and Hyuga proved to be more of a match than Fei Yin's previous foe Lord Sardius. The martial artist kept on fighting, ignoring the serious injuries he received from the brutality of Hyuga's strength. Little did Fei Yin know that Adena refused to flee with the others, only to spectate their fight to the death. Fei Yin having weakened Hyuga by damaging his pressure points had the edge. But just when he was about to deliver the final blow to the tyrant's head Hyuga counters the attack, and retaliated with a powerful punch that smashed through Fei Yin's abdomen. Adena watches in horror as Fei Yin's mortally wounded body being hurled like a ragdoll. Hyuga approaching his downed body congratulates his opponent for being the only man to last long enough against him as he readies the final blow. 

That is... until Adena unexpectedly intervenes and takes it upon herself to defend her wounded father. Having received a powerful blow to the stomach from Adena's flying kick Hyuga did not see it coming, and neither did Fei Yin. The kick was enough to greatly weaken the tyrant. Adena enraged emanates crimson flames from her body, which instantly instilled fear in Hyuga's heart. Adena's powers of the phoenix had awakened. And as such she proceeds to hammer away at the weakened tyrant with an onslaught of hard hitting punches all of which made dents in his body, breaking his bones one by one while Hyuga becomes reduced to a helpless loon wailing for help. He pleads and begs for mercy, but Adena grants him none. She attempts to finish off Hyuga once and for all but she is halted by Fei Yin who used the last of his strength to get back on his feet. Grabbing Adena's fist he tells her Hyuga has had enough, before slumping back to the ground, slowly succumbing to his wounds. Hyuga thanks the gods for being spared. But he drops dead after giving in to the grave injuries Adena had given him. 

Fei Yin clinging to a thread to spend his final moments: 

"Adena... ever since you were brought into this world... i knew someday that you would indeed make me proud... Although i do love you and your sisters equally... you have proven to be the most ambitious... with that ambition... i know you will accomplish anything as long as you put your mind to it... if i am to pass into the next world... promise me... that you will be the one... the one to take up arms as the new master of Guren Shinken..." 

Fei pulls out a red gem of some sort which he offers to Adena. 

"And take this... it will be the one to guide you on the path to success..." 

What Adena had received was a Biocrystal. This Biocrystal becomes the only thing Adena has to remember him by. And shortly after accepting the gift Fei Yin passes away after giving in to his grave injuries. Adena gets on her feet and leaves to join Alyssa, her sisters and the remaining students under Fei Yin. The once happy family began to crumble, shortly after Fei Yin's death. Alyssa being the only caretaker would be approached by the couples of two families: The MathisFamily whom were close friends of Fei Yin. And the royal Kurosawa family who ruled all of Earth II's asian region. Adena was handed over to the Mathisfamily where she will live the life of the average child while another was handed over to the Kurosawas who chose not to experience the pain of childbirth and needed an heir. The last two of the four daughters however, were not chosen. Later on they both left on their own knowing they could take care of themselves, leaving Alyssa. Alyssa all alone in the world was overwhelmed with grief and loneliness. Having lost her husband and the four daughters they adopted, she slowly slipped into depression and committed suicide in hopes of joining Fei Yin in the next world. 

Having become a new member of the MathisFamily, Adena abandons her goal to follow in Fei Yin's footsteps as a martial artist for the sake of living up to the expectations of her new adoptive parents as a normal child who growing up with an education, a job and a dream goal. As time passed Adena grew to be a healthy, strong girl with not only new parents but an older brother, aunts, uncles and cousins who all looked out for her and treated her with respect. 

2902 A.D, The Fight Begins 

Having learned of her origins of being Gyra's current reincarnation and remembering her father's teachings Adena decides to take part in the fight to restore Origin back to it's former glory as a means of putting these newfound gifts to the test. Unfortunately for her there are others who seek to restore Origin along with their own reasons to obtain the Power of God. Adena confronts a handful of them such as the barbarian Derek Stone, a ninja turned superhero named Suzi Mochizuki, the former prince turned adventurer known as Finley Brax, the half alien solider Alfred Erberhardt and a battle maiden from the heavens named Galatea Maxwell who is on a mission to destroy the Tyrant Beasts at the request of her queen. Adena engages in fierce battles against them from time to time. Along the way she meets a man named Cid Gates whose profession is in the arts of science and technology. Unlike the others he showed no interest in gaining the Power of God and he never bothered to engage in combat with Adena. Instead he offers her useful advice as to where the Tyrant Beasts are located. In due time she encounters another female warrior by the name of Tsukiko Kusanagi who happens to know about Adena's father and the Guren Shinken branch. Adena gets unsettling vibes from the white haired female who then attacks her without warning promtpting Adena to defend herself. Her first battle with Tsukiko escalates to a stalemate until they are interrupted by Origin's monster breeds that appear out of nowhere and attack them. A frustrated Tsukiko tells Adena their conflict is far from over before departing. While fighting off the monster breeds a woman unexpectedly comes to her aid, cleaving through the monsters with graceful swordsmanship. Adena makes short work out of the remaining monsters with the woman's help who introduces herself as Celeste Maximillion. Celeste tells Adena she needs assistance in liberating her kingdom from a dictator named Grimhilde. Adena tells Celeste that she has too much on the plate with the other fighters and Tsukiko pursuing the Tyrant Beasts. Celeste reveals she too is after the Tyrant Beasts though she has no interest in gaining the Power of God due to being among the Gods of Castillo herself. She must liberate the kingdom of Eldion and destroy the Tyrant Beasts in order to prove her real family her worth as the Goddess of War and only then she will be reunited with them. Feeling sorry for Celeste facing such a dilemma Adena makes a truce with the princess to help save her kingdom because "Family comes First". 

They encounter Finley, Alfred and Derek all of whom catch wind of Celeste's kingdom being under seige. Finley and Alfred are working together on this because they have a common enemy working with Grimhilde. Derek tags along for the sake of lending his childhood friend a helping hand. They also encounter Suzu who sees Grimhilde as a new evil doer to put to justice. The last two accompanying them reveals to be Cid Gates who has intel about the defenses of Celeste's besieged kingdom and Tsukiko Kusanagi for the sake of achieving glory among the potential heroes of Celeste's kingdom. To Adena's dismay Tsukiko is merely helping them out just for fame and nothing more. Nonetheless the eight fighters combine their strength to combat Grimhilde's demonic armies and getting through the many obstacles thrown at them, all the while rescuing those who fell under Grimhilde's enslavement. Eventually they encounter Grimhilde herself along with Delzos the Dark Knight who killed Alfred's uncle years ago and turned Finley's father to the dark side. After exchanging a series of threats a hectic battle ensues. Adena, Tsukiko, Derrick and Celeste are busy with Grimhilde who proves to be a difficult warrior but to Celeste she would not lose a second time. Alfred and Finley enraged work together to defeat Delzos with the aid of Suzu and Cid who have their hands full against Grimhilde's elite soldiers. With a devastating blow to the face from Celeste's shield uppercut and Delzos taking a blow through the stomach from Finley only to receive a headshot from Alfred the eight warriors rise victorious. Unfortunately Grimhilde and Delzos having managed to survive their injuries makes a getaway. In spite of this Celeste's kingdom is finally restored to it's former glory. 

As the time passes it wouldn't be long before Adena confronts her own worst enemy. Ardea. Queen of the Phoenix race who came to Earth II seeking Adena after knowing she is the reincarnation of her deceased consort King Gyra. She convinces Adena to join her conquest to reclaim dominance over mankind but Adena not content with this refuses. Ardea infuriated at this becomes quick to punish the latter for her betrayal and their first battle ensues when Adena quickly steps up against the incoming attacker. Adena manages to hold her own against the queen but unfortunately she gets overpowered and mortally wounded. Ardea however spares her life for the time being and congratulates Adena for being the only opposer to last long enough against her. Ardea convinces Adena to prove her worth as the ultimate opponent and the only one determined to stop her ambition to reclaim dominance over mankind by eliminating the Tyrants. Only by eliminating the Tyrants and growing stronger Adena will be ready to clash swords with Ardea once more in a final battle that will shake the earth. After Ardea departs A hooded figure approaches Adena's wounded body. Still conscious she tries to get back up preparing to strike the figure down seeing him as a potential threat but much to her surprise she is told he did not come here to fight. The figure tells Adena there is power within her that hasn't been unlocked yet and he also hints that the power lies within those of the Phoenix race much like her and Ardea. Turn desperation into righteous fury. Only then the power will be awakened..." The figure says. Adena experiences a whirlpool of emotions such as rage and ambition. Rage because her hatred towards Tsukiko reached it's peak. And ambition because she is determined to exceed her deceased father's expectations no matter what. With Fei Yin, Tsukiko and Ardea in her thoughts Adena's body emanates crimson flames that spread throughout the forest where her battle with Ardea took place. Adena uses her remaining strength to get back up before letting out an angered roar. Her body briefly transforms into a Phoenix-like creature as she does so and the entire forest becomes engulfed in her flames. Adena's power finally awakens and she makes it clear to use this newfound power against those who stand in her way. Especially Tsukiko and Ardea. 

After making a full recovery Adena gets back into the fight and pursues the Tyrant Beasts. Unfortunately reaching them in itself is difficult due to Adena facing the other planet warriors (Tsukiko primarily) and having to fight them beforehand. After winning Adena can reach the whereabouts of the respective Tyrant Beast.

Defeating Cid leads her to Darkhana the Mechanical Beast who sleeps in an Abandoned Monastery. 

Wrestling with Derrick leads her to Brimstone the Fire Minotaur who lies within a temple constructed inside the Pompeii Mountains.

A dogfight in the sky with Alfred leads her to D-Rex the Hybrid who resides in the Celestial Islands high above the clouds.

After reaching the peak of the Pristine Glacier before Finley does, she finds the bigfoot Frostsquatch who chases her down an avalanche after having his slumber disturbed. 

A high speed exchange of fists with Suzu leads her to a Power Plant that houses Featherwatt, a giant sized chicken with electric feathers.

Defeating Celeste leads her to the Aquarius Shrine. Deep within the waters keeping it afloat she reaches the sea dragon Leviathan.

With one more Tyrant left Adena meets Tsukiko again. After brushing her rival aside she finds the Golden Sanctuary where the final opponent lies in the form of Pride, a lion armed to the teeth with sword and shield.

After Pride is destroyed Adena vanishes only to find herself in a dimensional void. She meets a hooded figure who tells her she may have defeated all of the Tyrant Beasts but there is one more trial she must past before pressing on. Two figures materialize on each side of the figure. They are revealed to be Adena's past life Agares and her father Fei Yin. The sight of Fei Yin overwhelms her with sadness knowing it is not her father back in the flesh. The sadness and driven out by the burning desire to carry on her father's legacy and everything else she endured until now... And with this desire Adena defeats the apparitions of Fei Yin and Agares. 

The other planet warriors are defeated and all the Tyrants have fallen. The samples gathered from the Tyrants fuse together to create the Antivirus Program.

Adena rushes to the outlands where she would be led to the planet's core where Origin awaits. Unfortunately those she fought against to slay the Tyrants make their arrival. Tsukiko, Celeste, Alfred, Suzu, Finley and Derek all make their appearance with a common goal though not on the same boat: To get the Antivirus Program from Adena so they will be the ones to be granted the Power of God. Cid Gates is also present but instead of challenging Adena again he stands on the sidelines to spectate the incoming battle. Full of confidence Adena takes it upon herself to power on through each and every one of them. Adena with her newfound strength defeats them one by one. Tsukiko doesn't let up and she swears an oath to cleanse the world of the Guren Shinken bloodline for the glory of her once proud race. A climatic final battle between the phoenix and the dragon ensues.

Leaving the battered bodies of Tsukiko and her defeated foes behind Adena makes her way into the planet's core and meets Origin. That is... Until Adena gets unexpected company in the form of Ardea the phoenix queen. Now that Adena's strength has increased she tells her the time has come to fully prove her worth.

This was it... this was the final battle Adena prepared for. With Ardea out of the way Origin will be restored. But if she fails no one will be left to restore Earth II and Ardea's goal will be accomplished. Ardea's minions arrive along with their batallion of Origin monster breeds and Makaidra pawns to dispose of Adena's defeated rivals which doesn't come to pass when Cid steps in and uses a healing invention to get them back on their feet. Tsukiko, Celeste, Suzu, Derrick, Alfred, and Finley make full recoveries and with Cid's help they all put their differences aside to fight off the horde and Ardea's followers. 

The final fight between Adena and Ardea escalates. Although Ardea towers over her Adena uses her newfound strength to counter every attack the phoenix queen throws at her. Breaking her limit Adena defeats her arch nemesis and finally rises victorious along with the other fighters of Earth II who wiped out the horde and defeated Ardea's followers. They make their way to the planet's core where Adena prepares to restore the corrupted supercomputer. When they arrive they come to terms with Adena being the winner, save for Tsukiko. Adena admits to Tsukiko that she considers her an equal. Just as they are about to reconcile with one another Ardea and her followers rise up to do battle with Adena and her rival turned friends while Origin's corruption worsens. With Origin's power of Imagination they gather around the supercomputer and fuse themselves with it into a monstrous entity hellbent on turning Earth II into spacedust dubbed Armageddon before it flies off leaving the heroes behind. 

Adena becomes frustrated and full of doubt. Frustrated by the fact that she came a long way to face the impossible such as this and says the chances of stopping Armageddon are slim because she, Tsukiko and everyone else lack the means of pursuing the monstrosity. Tsukiko and the others rectify that with words of encouragement. All of them putting their faith into Adena saying neither of them wouldn't have gotten this far if it weren't for her. Taking in every word Adena feels a newfound power growing within. Power given to her from her rival turned friends channeling their Reiki (Fighting spirit) into her. With it Adena rises up with Tsukiko and Celeste by her side. With this power Adena, Tsukiko and Celeste transcend and fly off to pursue Armageddon. Reaching the monstrosity in the skies above the final battle ensues. 

Adena, Tsukiko and Celeste persevere until they do enough damage to weaken it. After Armageddon sustains heavy damage they finish it off using a combination attack. After Tsukiko and Celeste do their part Adena chases the monstrosity. Catching up to it Adena hammers away at Armageddon with high speed punches before launching it with an uppercut. She gathers enough strength in her hand then quickly shifts into Burning Mode before delivering one more punch to Armageddon sending it flying out of the planet's orbit. Armageddon crashes into the sun resulting in a large scale explosion sending destructive waves across the vastness of space. 

Before Ardea's consciousness fades Adena and Ardea communicate with each other telepathically. By this time Ardea undergoes a change of heart telling Adena repeating history is not what her deceased consort Gyra wanted. Mildred, Grimhilde, Delzos and Morlock however curse the three for siding with the weak, swearing vengeance upon their descendants if they were to be brought back from the afterlife. 

Adena, Tsukiko and Celeste descend from the skies to reunite with their friends before putting the final nail in the coffin. Adena injects the Antivirus Program within the corrupted Supercomputer. Upon being injected with the antivirus Origin shuts down. In ten seconds it reboots and spreads a mass of positive energy in the form of multicolored energy all over the planet bringing the once corrupted lands back to their healthy condition. 

The planet Earth II is finally restored. Adena, Tsukiko and Celeste being the ones who saved the planet from it's demise attain the status of true heroes. The hooded figure who informed them and the other warriors regarding the reward for restoring Origin appears before them. The hooded figure reveals itself to be Claudius. The headmaster of the team who created the planet with their use of the Power of God. He is also a close friend of Cid who was among his teammates. Claudius offers Adena and Tsukiko to join his team in watching over the future of Earth II. The two however decline the offer as they prefer to get on with having normal lives with their rival turned comrades. 

The story ends with Adena, Tsukiko and Celeste and the other planet warriors going their separate ways while Cid goes with Claudius to reclaim his place as one of the team's finest executives of the planet's development. As Adena walks on she confronts seven hooded figures that materialize around her. One of them offers her the Power of God in the form of a multicolored orb. The figure approaches Adena with these words... 

"For your victorious efforts we shall grant you a proper reward..." 

With this... Adena becomes imbued with the Power of God. 

We then see a scene where Adena sits in a throne now donning red and gold metal bikini with a sash worn around the waist, looking into a blue crystal ball which shows video footage of her rival turned friends getting on with their normal lives. 

The Goddess of Flames has been born... 


Although hot headed and has an occasional shot temper Adena has the qualities of what a good friend should be. Enthusiastic because she never gives up. Selfless because she has ulterior motives to help those in need and high spirited because for the most part she can be an fun loving and outgoing woman. 

In the heat of battle she shows a considerable level of ferocity and controlled aggression which can cause her to drop her guard. Because of that she does everything in her power to keep a cool head as the fight escalates. Adena has a strong belief in being a fighter. She fights to win. She fights to achieve what she strongly desires. She fights to get around in life (Keeping a roof under her head, working hard for a good education, keeping herself healthy etc.) And her strong will makes Adena reluctant to overcome the obstacles that lie in wait for her. 


Adena is portrayed as a woman in her early 20s with a slender and curvy build, slightly ample breasts, light brown skin and green eyes. Her hair is and colored black which is usually tied into a long single braid which has two small ahoges poking out of the middle. Clothing wise her standard attire is a red vest with black short sleeves worn over a white tube top that hugs her breasts while exposing her visible four pack abs and belly button. She wears small black shorts, a pair of white futuristic sneakers that have no laces, and she wears small fingerless gloves colored red and black. 

The Goddess version of Adena wears a red metallic bra adorned with gold linings, a black metallic waistband that holds a red sash. She wears golden armbands around her biceps as well as her wrists and small golden bands around her ankles while her feet wears black small heels. Lastly she wears sun shaped earrings. 

Burning Mode is an anthropomorphic Phoenix creature with red and gold fur, fiery wings, green glowing eyes, a golden yellow beak with talons matching the color. and a plumage with the colors red, gold and orange meshed together and red aurora emanates from it's body throughout. 


Pyrokinesis: As a descendant of the Phoenix race Adena can utilize fire-based attacks. Can create fire out of thin air, throwing fireballs, surround herself in fiery barriers, and use it for situational purposes from lighting candles, cooking food to setting up campfires. 

Heat Absorption: In Burning Mode Adena can absorb heat around her which she converts into heat generated projectiles to hurl at her foes. 

Swordsmanship: Adena's weapon of choice is the chainsaw looking Hellbringer. It's a hand me down from her predecessor Carter Mathis who fought against the Unholy Trinity. Only those who harbor feelings of rage, violence, anger and hate are deemed "worthy" to wield this destructive weapon. Carter was able to control it to the fullest because of his desire for revenge. But not so much for Adena because she lacks the hatred in her heart to do so. Using Hellbringer for a long period of time will corrupt unworthy wielders, turning them into mindless killing machines. 

Martial Arts: When Hellbringer is not in use Adena resorts to using her fists. At a young age she was disciplined in the fighting style known as Guren Shinken (紅蓮神拳, Translates to Crimson Lotus Godfist). Which she learned from her adoptive father over the years. Adena takes up this fighting style and makes use of it for the battles that lie in wait for her. 

High Resistance: Adena is resilient and as such she is capable of holding her own against more than one powerful foe. As demonstrated when she survives getting stomped on multiple times by one of the Tyrant Beasts who went berserk who then punched her through building to building. Using smarts and wits Adena can overcome a handful of obstacles without her phoenix abilities. 

Karma: One of Adena's greatest assets. If the enemy damages Adena in some shape or form then she will return the favor in greater doses of severity. You rained down on her parade? She'll do the same with a storm of fireballs. You crashed her party? She'll ruin yours with a bevy of destructive pranks. You threw her Wii-U in a woodchipper? She'll set your $9000 gaming laptop on fire. 

Longevity: As one of the Phoenix race Adena cannot be killed by normal means. Once she kicks the bucket when her vitals are damaged she can revive herself. The only way to kill a Phoenix is to scatter it's ashes. Originally Adena had a 700 year lifespan which means her time will expire in the year 3581. But after a series of unfortunate events Adena had her lifespan increased to an infinite amount after being used as a guinea pig for an immortality granting spell a warrior cult sought to perform. Adena is unhappy with this, as she is forced to watch her loved ones wither and corrode by time. 

Transformation: When a battle gets hectic Adena will unleash her full potential, assuming the true form of a Phoenix resembling an anthropomorphic fiery bird with gold and red wings, talons and a glowing plumage known as Burning Mode. Her offense and defense are amplified tenfold in this state. On the downside Adena can't remain in Burning Mode through the remainder of a battle due to it's duration being one minute. When that minute expires Adena will return to normal.


Hellbringer: This demonic looking chainsaw is Adena's weapon of choice and a hand me down from Carter. Only those who harbor feelings of rage, violence, anger and hate are deemed "worthy" to wield this destructive weapon. Carter was able to control it to the fullest because of his desire for revenge. But not for Adena because she lacks the hatred in her heart to do so. Using Hellbringer for a long period of time will corrupt unworthy wielders, turning them into mindless killing machines. This drawback also justifies the fact that Adena relies on martial arts than swordplay. (She's one of those characters who use both fists and weapons like Future Trunks and the Tekken version of Yoshimitsu)

Water: She can drink, and use it to take baths, relax in pools and jacuzzis, etc but as far as combat goes that's a whole different story. If Adena were a boss in a Mega Man game Water-based attacks would be her weakness. She is also not a good swimmer, and because it makes sense in real life Adena can't use her pyrokinetic abilities underwater pretty much making her defenseless if a fight with Aquaman of DC Comics or a Waterbender leads to this. 

What can kill the Sun? This i haven't found enough logical, scientific answers too yet which i'm gonna incorporate into this character's weaknesses. It's going to be Adena's Kryptonite and it's the same stuff the Neo Nazis used to kill the Phoenixes that came before her. 

Ophidiophobia: Adena is scared of Snakes. And as i'm writing this, it's a fear she has yet to conquer. 

Magic Users: Of all enemies to go up against Wizards, Sorcerers, Mages and Alchemists often give Adena more trouble than their worth. Especially those of the High Level Magic variety. She wouldn't last long against characters like Dr. Fate or Nine the Phantom for that matter :/ This will 

Scatter the Ashes: While Adena is immortal like the Phoenix she is there is another way to get her out of the picture. When she "Dies" her body becomes a husk of black ashes, only to come back 6 seconds later. If one has the speed to do so, her ashes can be scattered.