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  1. The Best MUGEN characters for your roster

    Warner's characters aren't bad at all. Ilusionista's a decent creator too since I liked his Shin Kazuma edit. But the rest... I know where Darkflare's getting at, as far as Chucho and Ax are concerned. Anyway here's my best characters: Kaname (Chotto-Komaru) Warusaki3's characters (I main Captain Commando) Kohaku's characters (Selvaria, Miyuki) Infinite's characters SennouRoom's characters (Ako is one of my mains) R@CE's characters (Raphael and Batsu mainly) DQ4 Alena (Ryuhi) Gradriel (Okan) POTS characters (Morrigan and Guy) DivineWolf's characters (Psylocke and Yuka) Raiya Mikazuchi (Orochi Hermann) Yashaoh (NHK) Akame (Ambasa's version since AnT's version lags like fuck) Senna (Separate versions made by Kohaku and chikuchikugonzalez) Tetsu Yatogi (XCB) Eyelina (sakuraka) Kyo Kusanagi (Formerly Jmorphman's but I upgraded to Falcon Rapper's version)
  2. Question: How do you get popular among those who make mugen videos?



    1. Darkflare


      It helps if you manage to stand out from the others. Otherwise, don't think about it too much.

    2. Flare-Gamer-64


      Use Undertale characters and your home free. :th_0v:

      Only problem is that the comment section will become a wasteland of children asking stuff like "wot is dis geam?", "Sans would win fak U!!!11!" and Other retarded comments. 2 of my videos featuring Sonic characters also got popular, which I don't mind since the Sonic Fandom isn't as bad in comparison to the Undertale fandom.

  3. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Sub-Zero punching Gai in the groin (Johnny Cage would be proud) while Demitri gets a glimpse at Lin Kuei booty.
  4. Ako Tamaki (POTS style) by Sennou-Room

    She's my new waifu now.
  5. Super Smash Bros. Series

    There's word on the street that Chuchoryu is working on a Bayonetta, and honestly, i don't care if it's half-baked like his other creations. At least his stuff is playable to some degree unlike Adrian and Beanfan112's characters. I've been waiting for Bayo to get mugenized for a long time. And if we're lucky, someone will take the sprites and give it better coding like Varo Hades did to his Cammy.
  6. Project X Zone

    Wake me up when someone makes KOS-MOS. I'd rather use KOS-MOS in her gorgeous version 4 armor, instead of the version 1 armor Drowin made, based on her Namco X Capcom sprites.
  7. More crazy mugen battles



  8. Shermie (DivineWolf style) by Cruz

    Let Jesuszilla work on that since he's the only one (besides Warusaki3) that implements Groove systems.
  9. New videos are up:




  10. File Hosting Websites

    Mediafire. all day erryday.
  11. The first time i beatdown crappy Mugen characters in a video. 


    i recommend watching in 480p





      can u list the characters you were using

  12. Cuphead

    MA isn't worth mentioning, period.
  13. Here's my first Halloween special




    New videos are here







  15. My Crazy Mugen Battles

    Part 7 Part 8