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  1. You ever noticed most popular characters get poorly made in Mugen? Gulthor's Sephiroth, LegendSebas's Kratos and every Undertale and Kingdom Hearts character being textbook examples of such.

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    2. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      IMO! I wouldn´t call the certain Seph "Poorly made"

      Has a lot of stuff around his code and is playable at a OP Boss level, unleast you mean sprite work, yeah, nowdays you could do his sprites much better with photoshop and High quality videos or official art unlike back then.

    3. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      "Arcsys"? Last I checked, Kingdom Hearts originated as a video game franchise, not as a anime franchise. Plus, it features Disney characters...DIS-NEY. There's no way that's happening.

    4. Flare-Gamer-64


      "Every Undertale Character" AHEM, Fourthrhyme's Papyrus, Every character by Gramsen, Mega X's Toriel (and upcoming Undyne), Retro Flowey's Sans and Derpy Sponge's Flowey. And there's waaaay more then just those.