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  1. Kung Fu Man + Related Edits

    Yeah, you're right, they didn't... and someone suggested it on the first page of suggestions too.
  2. Kung Fu Man + Related Edits

    Bit of a lurker post, but I might as well throw in this joke character because why not. Guardian KFM by theRNG This is a joke/gimmick character that makes Kung Fu Man defensive to the point of being extremely cheap. This char is a pretty simple edit, and shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone. Download: Move Changes: The main KFM moves are present, however, blocking now makes Guardian KFM nearly invincible (almost impossible to hit the char while they are blocking). On top of this, throwing now only takes 1 frame to initiate, and 16 frames in total to perform. This, combined with a 3 bar hyper OHKO, makes for a lethal (and rage inducing) combination of defense. AI: The AI is what you'd expect. Guardian KFM abuses its new features to constantly block while insta-throwing when an opponent is near. When a meter bar fills, Guardian KFM waits for an opponent to approach an ideal position for a super activation. If a dire situation arises where Guardian KFM reaches 3 full meter bars, it uses its last effort attack (the OHKO hyper). All in all, this character has an almost impenetrable defense system that will make most aggressive AI characters cry. Waiting for Guardian KFM to try and attack is the best course of action for trying to beat him, as he only has invincibility while blocking (and even then, the guard can be broken). 10 Palette: Slowly regens meter and glows gold. 11 Palette: Slowly regens life and flashes black and white. 12 Palette: Next frame regens life and meter (not resistant to OHKOs) and flashes red and yellow with an afterimage.
  3. Hi...

    Hi... Hi. I've been a lurker of Mugen as a whole since '08. Just thought I'd make an account now, since I found coding a joke edit enjoyable, and I might do some other things in the future. Either way, hi.