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  1. ~ Share Funny Pics, Gifs and Vids

  2. New here :)

    New here, I like KOF but not a decent player, and female fighters are my favorite things. And the "Toggle View" button is important to me when I make posts, those who had tragic experience in post loss would understand. Hope someone can help me out with finding the "Toggle View" button.
  3. Current Mugen communities (International)

    Thank you for posting this! That looks like a good place for my KOF mugen need, in addition to the mffa's great KOF collection.
  4. I tried to find the text box button for that and didn't see any. Oh I meant the "toggle view" button.
  5. Does this Exist whos the author of this creation

    I just saw a Luong in MFFAWN #18, does this exist for now and who made her, please?
  6. MFFAWN #18 (Aug 13-19, 2017) - Return of the Faun

    I love this THE FAWN idea! Hey isn't that a Luong? Time to make a request!
  7. The King of Fighters 20 XX

    KOF 20XX, this is quite an interesting collection. I hope more unused sprites to be converted to mugen.
  8. Hey congratulations on your MUGEN LEAGUE launch! I just watched your KOFRIVALS video and you guys are making a KOF14 Shun`ei, it is a very good news!
  9. Yurin by Sakuraka [8/19/2017]

    Nice one, she is from a doujin Rage About, and LOL'd at her small portrait.