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  1. Hello

    Well i try to create Milla as a fighter but it's pretty hard to make her. Thanks you for the welcoming :)
  2. Freedom Planet (and 2)

    Hello i'm new here. Actually it's my first time i try to make a character. So the first character i do try to make is Milla (since there's no way to download her and nobody was made her) so i do give it a shot (I know perfectly Freedom Planet i do already beat the game himself with all achivements).
  3. Hello

    Hello everyone. my name is Redthefox but you can call me Red. I'm a Mugen fighter since somes mouth. There's already many things i already learn like adding a character, a stage, and musics, I also try to create an character fighter but that pretty hard so i use a tutorial. The another thing is i like to play at RPGS games like Sonic Chronicles, Rpg Maker, Undertale, etc. When i get bored well i create an game from differents univers. Personnaly i like alot Freedom Planet, Sonic the hedgehog, and especially Undertale. And i'm not really good at 100% in English but i do my best ^^' It may you could have many question for me so feel free to ask me a question if you want ;)