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  1. Anybody here still have some experience when it comes to sprite/character making? 


    I've been wanting to see Rance's sprites ripped from Alice Senki II for awhile now, if you want to play Alice Senki II yourself, just ask me, and I can give you a link.



  2. Chrono Trigger

    Frog zenjidoh link is dead
  3. Heya GS!  TK here, how ya doing?  Btw, what is your four numbers at the end of your Discord name?  I'll add you on mine!

    1. Glorious Showoff

      Glorious Showoff

      I'm doing well (: Thanks for stopping by to see my profile. #2662 Are my four numbers.

    2. TopKirby8305


      Ok sent Friend Request!  :3

  4. Alicesoft

    This is some nice work, thanks for this. Alicesoft is such a great and prolific company, that I'm glad it's getting spotlight with MUGEN, especially since some of my favorite characters in all of fiction come from their games. Alicesoft games can't really be exposed that much outside of people who don't understand Japanese since a lot of their games remained untranslated, but with more and more of them officially being licensed or fan translated such as Rance I-VI, Kichikuou and Sengoku Rance, Daibanchou: Big Bang Age (which is what Big Bang Beat was inspired from), Mamatoto, and Evenicle coming very soon, hopefully they can make a name for themselves in the western community. It's nice to see that practically everything Big Bang Beat related is on here, as they can be a trouble to find about anywhere else besides here (Big Bang Beat Revolve in general is a very hard game to find, even on the deepweb. I haven't even found it yet :/) Big Bang Beat was very popular in the MUGEN community about a decade ago, and some people in and out of Japan using the characters is all well to see. It makes me wonder is sprites/stages from Alice Senki II will ever be ripped onto MUGEN, besides Satsu and Hatsune. Considering that Alice Senki II is a very fun fighter with a great soundtrack, with me slightly preferring it to Big Bang Beat, I'm looking forward to it making a name with MUGEN, if it ever does.
  5. Ohayo

    What's up everyone. I'm Glorious Showoff, but you can call me Avi. I've been a fighting game fan since way back when, and have been playing Mugen since that time as well. I'm happy to finally be joining a MUGEN community, and glad to see that it's still big and uprising. My Favorite Fighting Games of all time will no doubt have to be SNK Fighting Games, alongside the like of Tekken and Blazblue. I have happened to play about almost every single well known fighting game franchise that has existed, besides Killer Instinct and Skullgirls, and have genuine enjoyed them, even if Capcom has been getting on my nerves as of late. Well, if you are a Kyo/Iori or Kaede from Last Blade series main, you already are my friend, and I'm looking forward to making others here! Other than fighting games, I enjoy playing RPGS, reading visual novels/eroge (Alicesoft is my favorite company, and I enjoy the hell out of Daibanchou and Rance series), and watching anime of course, you can see my favorites on my profile.
  6. Alright, now you can all look at my profile.