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  1. All Chars by MASA

    Why not just use the Wayback Machine on the JCOM website. That'll probably work.
  2. So... a decent while ago, I joined this website in hopes of finally finding a place where I belong, and although I did find that place, sadly at that time, I wasn't able to pursue being on here and being an active enough member. In the timespan that I was here though, I did learn about many important members and even took the time to get to know quite a few. Of course, as time went by, things turned out negative for me in the real world, because of all that in the realm of reality, I had to retreat and go on a very long hiatus. Since then, things have improved a fair bit. I'm currently living with my grandpa and working for many people up here, I finally have a laptop (refurbished of course, cheapest route about it. 4GB RAM / 320GB HD), and a generic tablet (2GB RAM/16GB MEM + 32GB SD). All and all, things have been fairly decent and I can now confidently say that I should be around for years to come... of course, only time will tell. With all that said, I hope to return back to the way things were, although I doubt many (if any of you) will remember me... since to be completely honest, I don't even remember my previous account from a while back. But yeah, thanks once again for letting me into this humble place, it is good to see that a few recognizable members are still around and fairly active. Although, it does seem that I cannot access the chat, it appears that the chat link to the Discord is down. I can only assume that because of the cost of things, that the chat moved to discord rather than being an actual chat room on here... either way, it is good to be back. However, for those of you that do not know me, I shall give a quick rundown of who I am as a person and why I am even on here in the first place. 1) In the real world, I'm a pretty relaxed kind of guy. Although I tend to be a bit serious most of the time, I am kind-hearted and good-natured to say the least. However, I cuss like a sailor and have a hard time not saying the F-word on a frequent basis as a replacement for actual words worth using. 2) When I am online, my attitude tends to change ever so slightly, not exactly too far from who I am in the real world, but a little more open to conversation... since in reality, I'm a bit of a shut-in and I prefer to be a hermit and avoid as much contact with other people as possible. Oddly enough, despite having quite a few people I work for around here, I don't really talk to them all that much besides asking what work they need me to do and then doing it and getting paid. 3) I have always been a fan of MUGEN, in fact, I think the very first time I even started playing MUGEN was in 2006 or maybe 2011, I'm not entirely sure. But what I do know is this, I have quite a few creators that I favorite out of all others and quite a few characters I prefer to play as over all others, as well as stages I prefer to play on versus everything else available. Now don't get me wrong, I have a pretty decent sized roster as it stands (and truth be told, I don't actually know how many characters I have, but based on my best guess and cutting out all the organization folders from the listing, I have about 400 characters and counting... I will more than likely be adding even more to that list). 4) Some of the creators I prefer to keep a close eye on when it comes to getting their work would have to be Ethan Lives, Thedge, PotS, Dick Buckus, and a few others. I honestly can't name them all, since there are quite a few that have done so much amazing work and put so much effort into either releasing characters or making characters. 5) Some of the characters I prefer to play as when it comes to playing MUGEN would have to be Sean Matsuda ("Dark Sean" by AlexLexus), Wolverine (almost any creator), Akuma ("Rare Akuma" by PotS), and Tetsu Yatogi ("Ghost Tetsu" by Big Eli King). Yeah I know, a lot of SF characters, they're usually the easies to adapt to. Well, that's all... take care!