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  1. SMG4

    Here's his channel: By then you should get the character.
  2. any charachters?

    I would download this myself if it weren't for the fuckin' huge filesize... Trying to avoid that.
  3. any charachters?

    SpongeBob SquarePants by Doug1105/Madoldcrow1105: (just click on the portrait) Robbie Rotten by Pingurules:
  4. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    A track from a Sonic game, and yes, I know it should loop: Another good track from The Simpsons Arcade Game (other than Downtown Springfield):
  5. Undertale

    You can always find the original link, or just reupload them. Also this is unrelated, but I'm trying to find your version of Mario 64 for a different collection. (side note: notes and unrelated comments are in bold to avoid confusion with the main topic here.)
  6. Undertale

    Welcome to the download area for characters from the RPG Undertale. Keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress right now and I will work on this when I have the time. And previews are not shown right now as I am new to a character collection. 1.1! - used on MUGEN 1.1 only. 1.1? - LABELED to be used with MUGEN 1.1, but surprisingly works with 1.0. 1.0+ - meant to be used with MUGEN 1.0, but also works with 1.1. Win+ - character works with WinMUGEN and above. (Very few Undertale characters are the above, as Undertale is a newer game, and most characters ONLY work with MUGEN 1.0 or above, since they are newer versions of the engine.) ? - character's MUGEN version isn't specified. If possible, please make sure it works on certain versions. ^ - character is a beta and will be updated. ! - character is unfinished. * - shares same download link (similar to the Love Live! collection). # - Character is bad. Main Characters: Frisk "The main character of UNDERTALE." (There's no official description. I had to wing it.) Shane the mugen kid's version (?) - Pizzasause's version (1.0+) - Gramsen's version (1.1?), Easlfre's edit - Viorel Weber's Battle Frisk XxMarioLoverBRxX: Brutal Frisk - Marvel vs. Capcom Frisk - Current version Currently needing: Pizzasause's AI patch for Gramsen's version Chara (Genocide ending) "The true name." Mickes' version - Logan Abner's version - Some Person's version (sprite edit) - Mememaster 900000000's version sans "The weakest enemy." Lebert130's version - Bardock181's version, Gamerduck13's edit - Retro Flowey's version, Pizzasause's edit - Endercreeper's version - FourthRhyme's Glitch Sans - Gramsen's version, FourthRhyme's 1.0 conversion currently needing: Pizzasause's AI patch for Gramsen's version PAPYRUS "He likes to say 'Nyeh Heh Heh!'" FourthRhyme's version, Pizzasause's edit: Old, New, babamugen's Papyrus Clones - FourthRhyme's version (old) Currently needing: Gramsen's version Toriel "Knows best for you." Pizzasause's version - MEGA_X's version: New Currently needing: MEGA_X's version (old), AI patch for MEGA_X's new version, Gramsen's version and Pizzasause's WinMUGEN+1.0 conversion Alphys (As there's no official description I refuse to wing it, only exception is Frisk.) FourthRhyme's version, TylorGoldenYoshi's edit Note: FourthRhyme's Alphys use the X, Y, and Z keys for attacks, while the edit linked above utilizes the A, B, and C keys. Enemies: Muffet "If she invites you to her parlor, excuse yourself." FourthRhyme and Gamerduck13's version, Pizzasuase's edit: Old - New, babamugen's Muffet Clones Minor Characters: Quack (Undertale duck) by Pizzasause Special Editions: Papyrus: Oktoberfest/TF2 Medic Papyrus Sans: Fall/Autumn Glitch Sans - Christmas Sans Alphys: Egghead/Easter Alphys Toriel: Halloween/Witch Toriel
  7. Vortex Infinity Lifebars

    That fucking Double KO message... XD
  8. Undertale

    Depends on how many good creations there are. XD (Those who are not on the Archive may not get the joke.)
  9. (NSFW R18) Inma by Zzyzzyxx

    I think I remember having an older version of this character, not really sure though. Giving her a download nonetheless, I'm starting a HUGE collection of characters in a new roster soon. All I need is a decent screenpack.
  10. Marge Simpson released and others updated by Warner

    Which was also featured in an actual episode (the couch gag that parodies an intro to a sitcom that has gained an (sort of) ironic fandom).
  11. Hey, I hope your hard drive gets fixed. Still hoping for a beta release of Courage!

    1. WlanmaniaX


      I'm still trying to recover some my backup files from hard drive before I'll need to polish more details for my updates.

    2. ℱɪʀᴇʙɪʀᴅ


      Hey Wlan, upload your stuff to a Google Drive or Dropbox account just in case things go awry. Cloud servers work wonders when it comes to backing up files you don't want to lose.

  12. Megadrive/Sega Genesis Aladdin Lifebar

    Nice. I was actually planning to make one based around Garfield: Caught in the Act with custom aspects, but I'm not sure when I'm going to get to that.
  13. Undertale

    E X P A N D C O L L E C T I O N . Added: MEGA_X's New Toriel Quack by Pizzasause Easlfre's edit of Gramsen's Frisk Special Editions of certain characters (need Not Asriel, BTW) Changed: Mentions of Sumin to Gramsen. Well, since this collection is growing pretty fast, I better prepare for that. To come: Character preview images
  14. Undertale

    Added: Muffet Clones and Papyrus Clones by babamugen I'm a little busy with something that I may not update this right this instant. I'll update it from time to time.
  15. Undertale

    I'll add a few of these. Not all of them tho. Thx for the links. Maybe you can get a majority of the missing characters that are mentioned on the main post?
  16. Fan's Work-in-Progress thing (Very Dangerous Day...)

    It's okay. I said I might attempt a Snoopy in the future.
  17. Since I joined, I wanted to show some progress on my Garfield character, so... I got a pallete in, and the jump anims are correct. The only problem is that I don't really have enough sprites to work with. If someone is willing to help, that'd be great. (oh yeah, MUGEN 1.0 only, too. If someone wants to help bring this to WinMUGEN, just wait.) I'll update this post with any future additions to the fat cat.
  18. Anyone know how to limit the amount of times moves can be performed?

    That seems helpful, but I already saw a helpful bit of coding from Veanko's Garfield. All I need to do is set up a new variable and make sure Spunky can be assisted three times. The code above may be helpful to prevent spamming and ruining your chances of surviving with this move, so I'll give you best answer for that. Thanks, dude.
  19. Anyone know how to limit the amount of times moves can be performed? I'm currently editing @WlanmaniaX's Rocko, and I remembered seeing THIS: So I'm wondering if there is a way if you can limit the amount of times a move can be performed per round. (I vaguely remember TheIranSonic doing this before he retired, when he edited Neo Sonic.)
  20. Fan's Work-in-Progress thing (Very Dangerous Day...)

    I'm wprking on an edit of @WlanmaniaX's Rocko, just as a little side project. Previews soon.
  21. Courage the Cowardly Dog

    But I'm already editing Rocko... Also, video is too small, you need to fix what size the video comes in if you have Vegas Pro.
  22. Undertale

    Recently added: Alphys by FourthRhyme TylorGoldenYoshi's edit Muffet by FourthRhyme Pizzasause's old and new edits This collection is actually expanding GREATLY. Shout out to @Flare-Gamer-64 for suggesting some stuff for the collection.
  23. Your Favorite YTPMV/MADs?

    Your Favorite YTPMV/MADs? You guys got any favorite YTPMV/MADs? I'll gladly share mine. 1. COOKIE HILL ZONE (Sonic 1 x Alice and Marisa's Cookie Kiss) 2. Jontron's Trip to the Moon (Ducktales Remastered x JonTron) 3. Krustylovania Pizza (SpongeBob SquarePants x UNDERTALE) 4. The Cat Who Had Lasagna (I'm not sure what game the BGM's from but it's a damn good Garfield YTPMV) 5. Big Beat Mario (Original song created from Hotel Mario) If you guys got any favorites, please link them below. Be sure to include the title before linking them, like I did. You don't have to include the sources that are in the YTPMV, just the title.
  24. There any chance we could see your patches for Sumin's Frisk and Sans, as well as your conversion for said author's Toriel on your Google site?

    1. MugenGuy4164


      I might be able to create a link For Mediafire if i have the chance

  25. Favorite OP: (Highly... catchy... as fuck.) As I don't watch MUCH anime, it's hard to pick an ED theme but here goes: (I really enjoy Kill la Kill.)