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  1. I wasn't supposed to upload TwistedSynapse stuff... Because i uploaded Kater 15 and flaregamer64 just come and then they said that they think the chars are joke edits,that nagato char seems to be not an joke. Thus the below273 stuff seems an general char not an joke char. The villanous user flaregamer64 that hates me,uploaded stuff and he attacked me by giving bad reputation on my MFFA Activity which is not bad... He is bad,be careful. He hates me alot since All day He looks like an yakusa or an imouto hater. I hate him... He hates me a lots,i was not supposed to leak stuff of the 2 editors twistedsynapse and below273... Anyways,thanks for reading my message.



    But at least he deserved it. I like more general mugen chars than joke edits...


    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Here's the breakdown.  We don't have rules against uploading or sharing anything here.  We're a warehouse.  That being said, it's up to you to respect the wishes of creators at your own discretion, as far as sharing their work goes.  You won't be punished for "sharing things you shouldn't". I mean we may ask you post them in the correct places, but that's about it.

      We also don't have rules about giving out negative reputation points.  That's basically the only risk you run for not respecting a creators personal wishes.  It's a community after all, and that's people's way of saying they disagree with your behavior.  

      We do, however, have rules against personally attacking other members of the forum.  So if you feel like he's broken the rules, you can report his behavior and it will be reviewed by staff.  But what you can't do is start a public personal attack on him.  

      If you want, you can always block him using the ignore feature in your account settings:     Top nav bar >  Your Name (drop down) > Ignored Users     Add his name.  Then you won't have to see any more of his posts.  If that doesn't cut it, your last option is to contact staff and we'll discuss the issue with you personally.