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  1. Pokémon

    So much for the junk section...
  2. Watching the Yu-Gi-Oh! stream reminded me how ludicrous this anime can be.


    Also, poor Kaiba who always get his rude behavior being always noticed by the chat.


  3. Cuphead

    Goopy Le Grande by Dark Ruler: Link
  4. I find the lack of hockey related character in MUGEN disturbing.

    1. Pluscross


      Hockey Kunio though. 

  5. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    Brergrsart Brergrsart is a MUGEN author who created crazy joke chars. His works are made for the MUGEN betting site SpriteClub, and they are stronger than balanced characters, especially in an AI vs. AI match. They are also unknown outside of SpriteClub, so this collection is created to provide them some notability. Author's Website: It gives some insights about his characters, but I strongly recommend to discover them by yourself, either by downloading the characters or by doing exhibition matches in SpriteClub. Enjoy! COLOR CODE Yellow: Edited character Red: Extremely cheap character / (Character): Alternate version of a character created by this author `:: || Santos: Link || naM uF gnuK: kniL || || !Balrog: Link || Stretchy Limbs: Link || The Bestest Ken In The World: Link || Gweelay : Link || || That Guy: Link || Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Karin (350 MB Warning !): Link || Spin To (He spins a lot faster ingame): Link || Shotoclown: Link || || Smoke Ninja Zero: Link || The Goenitz 2015 Experience / (Kokodesuka): Link (Link) || How Are You?: Link || Buster: Link || || Fleet of Falling Figures: Link || || Mister Fahrenheit: Link || Fattest Tony: Link || Pepsimen (Loud Volume Warning): Link || King of Games, Bitch!: Link || Don't Worry, These Pizzas Are In Good Hands: Link || YOUR SOUL IS MAYAN: Link || || Ridiculous Necromancer Girl (She spaz out like crazy in her standing stance): Link || Homura did (Interpretation) Wrong / (Time Loop Madoka): Link (Link) || Cease and Desist: Link || || Rokettotanku: Link || Miles Edgeworth: Link || Shalk: Link || True Modano Boy: Link ||
  6. kater15 is here! ;D

  7. kater15 is here! ;D

  8. Too many crappy Disney characters for MUGEN

    Many crappy Disney characters were made by young people who don't know much about MUGEN coding and spriting, so of course their creations are going to be shoddy.
  9. Kazecat's Characters

    Because those EXTRA THICC monsters with unusal body size have "weird attacks", you probably need to slap a NSFW tag on this thread. Thanks for sharing though.
  10. Happy Independence Day... from Canada !

  11. Well this thread is left open for discussion if a more experimented user such as Darkflare wants to talk about it, because I know from the beginning that I was somewhat blinded by nostalgia filters.
  12. You know what's scray about some parts of the MUGEN community ?


    The fact that Idiot have a following, with Prgs111Magen, XboxRob11 and some others, that are entirely devoted into copying its style.

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    2. Darkflare


      They're kids. It's not like they know better.

    3. SSBK65


      I'm the laughingstock of my school, and I'm gonna make sure I'm not a laughingstock as a Mugenite. TBH I feel bad for all those guys, but it's their actions that caused them to become despised. And they never learn, that is the sad truth of it all.

    4. Pluscross


      Idiot's characters are dumb and terrible.


      But, some of his spriteswaps make me chuckle to be honest. Mortal Kombat Patrick. Would love to see someone tackle an idea like that seriously. Forget the Kuromaru spriteswaps though... Forget Prgs, disgusting... Never heard of Xbobroblox.

  13. In the end, we are all a bunch of nerds who attempts to create something revelant for an fighting engine.

    1. Pluscross


      Dang it, not all of us... I've never made a single thing... Lucky you guys...

    2. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      Nope, just memes.

  14. For some reasons, I like writing about random stuff. This is why I want to talk about things that happened in the MUGEN community, both past and present, in something called "Mugen Vault". Remember that despite I Iook into forums and Youtube videos in order to find sources, there is a possibility that I could be wrong in certain subjects. This is why you colud threat those essays as any MUGEN creations, as those could receive feedbacks for possible improvements. Anyways, let's finish this small introduction and begin with the subject, which is possibly the main cause why I know MUGEN for so long (almost 10 years). I call it... The JudgeSpear Youtube Community Youtube was a revolutionary item for the Internet. With this website, anyone could easily create a random video and posted it to be shown to the general public. It wasn't owned by Google, whose ownership caused pain and chaos ! It was also clear that Youtube would be used to showcase various MUGEN fights. There was one user that was not necessary a masterpiece, but somewhat memorable enough to be talked about; Judgespear He was mostly present form 2006 to 2009. He created a lot of MUGEN videos, and some of them, such as his Homer vs. Peter, gained at least 1 million views. In case you are wondering, the linked video was an archive whose original got taked down by a copyright strike long ago which took down all JudgeSpear videos ! This is a proof that Youtube wasn't a paradise back then. During the early Youtube, JudgeSpear codified the typical MUGEN series, and inspired a lot of other users to copy its style. He did have a forum based around him, called JSMugen, which sadly got removed form the Internet. To understand why JudgeSpear got a community based around him, I am going to talk it in general and the fads it spawned. The VariousMUGEN Series MUGEN Teams Most MUGEN Youtubers used a small set of characters and create a team around them. They like to nickname their members such as ''The Chef, The Beserker'' and the likes. You can do a lot of things with your team members as long it is done inside MUGEN. Usually, the most common video showcased 1vs1 matches that featured a player controlled team member, fighting against a troublesome opponent. They usually have a title like this: ((Video Author) (Player controlled character) (Serial Number) (Character that he fights against)). Here is an example. Obviously, such videos aren't limited to 1vs1. Team members fight alongside allies for 2vs2 or turns based goodness, make a run in Survival mode, or is featured in other specialized MUGEN series such as those described below. Another interesting thing about MUGEN teams is that some video creators initiate their new members, like in some sort of indian ritual. The newcomers fought a designated character, which lost, and become a full-fledged member for future uses. Cheap Character Beatdown MUGEN players really don't like getting beat unfairly. This is why we like to give them a taste of his own medicine, by destroying them in one of the most famous series of this era. A character, designated as a ''cheap buster'' , defeats various overpowered characters. They have problems such as rage-inducing AI, bloated stats, unblockable attacks, spammable specials, always dodges/counter your moves, beeping your microwave and anything else that could piss off human players. A famous ''cheap buster'' is Metool, a mook from the Megaman series, which can protect itself perfectly from all attacks by hiding inside its helmet, and can summon a giant Metool, which is generally a OHKO, complete with an alarm sound and a flashing OWN3D! . When you heard that siren, somebody is going to be down ! Retarded Character Beatdown This way another popular MUGEN series but curiously enough, wasn't started by Judgespear himself. It possibly has its roots in an Ampchu video in a fight against Actarus's Peter Griffin, which is described as "more retarded that Omega Tiger Woods", which is a a legit joke character. It doesn't take a genius that various people started doing "Retard Beatdowns", which is bascially beating up poorly-made characters. Unlike the "Cheap Beatdowns" videos, you probably won't need to use a powerful character like Metool to beat those retards, as they mostly lacks AI, but since some of them have bloated stats to compensate the abscence of a brain, you keep it in some special cases. Everyone hates "X " There is always some catharsis fun when seeing various fictional characters performing a powerful attack against hated suckers. This is the whole premise of the "Everyone hates X" videos. It started in a blooper video when JudgeSpear tried to do an survival run with Homer Simpson. He fought against CCI's Prince Vegeta, and taunted him because Saiyans really don't like having their pride damaged by a fat guy. Cue Vegeta responding with an barrage of attacks, culminating with a final flash, hilariously ending his run. People find it funny so JudgeSpear and his fans started their own videos starring Homer Simpson, usualy taunting a fighter, who then unleash a Special or Hyper against him. While Homer is usually picked, they have done the same fate against cheap charaters, retarded characters, characters that they hate, and so on. Alternatively, they have done the same fate against logos which are punching bags, because said company were invovled in copyright strikes against MUGEN Youtubers. They are also some lesser memes, such as the "Spin attack" fad, or those "Special Challenges", but they don't need a special treatement. Also a common thing about MUGEN videos is that their authors often put an small intro before the fight. You do fell 2008 Youtube when watching these ! And now for some criticism While the JudgeSpear community have taken a huge part of the MUGEN community in Youtube, not everything is pure white and have its detractors. These two thread, regardeless of context, definively show some disdains against this sub-community. Too bad I couldn`t explore the JSMugen for clues because it no longer exists. Anyways, by judging the MugenGuild thread and the various videos in Youtube I could possibly find some explainations. Too many characters from popular media Because MUGEN allows everyone to create all kinds of fighters, it is become obvious that some creator would recreate characters from popular media such those from Nintendo or Sega games or from popular TV shows such as The Simpson or Family Guy. It is also not a surprise that those fighters become extremely popular in MUGEN videos, as they are very appealing to a younger audience. That do not means that they are not necessary well-made or even good. This is the case with Warner's Homer Simpson (or most of his creation, but I will probably tell its history later), which was originally an Iori spriteswap, and has to be edited by JudgeSpear himself in order for it to feel less than a spriteswap. If you look at his MUGEN's intro (See above), you would see, Homer, Peter, Jigglypuff and Chansey from Pokémon, Goku and Perfect Cell from DBZ, Yoshi and Predator Warrior. More that half of the characters shown in this intro are popular characters from mainstream media. The rest consisted of Kung Fu Man, Iori Yagami, Amingo from MvC, Elena from the Street Fighter III, and Johnny Maximum from World Heroes. Other Youtubers would try to use more, well, characters from fighting games or something obscure, but they would still use at least some fan-favorites of Homer Simpson fame. Maybe this is good for attraction but popular characters does not represent MUGEN as a whole. Even today most popular MUGEN videos featured characters that were popular in the past. Other videos included fighters from big fandoms (Undertale, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic...) and NSFW stuff. We don't change a winning formula. Too much character bashing Character bashing is extremely present in the MUGEN community. They don't play well and are very glitchy, but I will mainly focus on the "Cheap Character Beating " fad that was present during the JudgeSpear era. The basic idea was solid. We use lethal joke characters, such as Metool or Dopefish, to defeat broken fighters. JudgeSpear himself said that this series was comedic and not to be taken seriously. Then, everyone and its pet goldfish are doing their own "cheap characters basing" series, effectively turning it into "bashing character you didn't beat" and losing much of its comedic value. It doesn't help that they use cheap characters, or cheap tactics, to defeat cheap characters, and we have a very obvious case of hypocrisiy. Add that years later the birth of SaltyBet, where cheap characters are seen favorably because they can put a good fight. Today, doing this sort of video is the equivalent of beating a dead horse. A character being cheap doesn't means it is not well made. Heck, most of its problems would be "removed" it you purge its AI. The most know case of this is Reu, the author who made the Evil duo, and the original Dragon Claw. They are very good, but they have very aggresive AI and they got Metool's wrath because of that. It took his fucking death for his characters to be beloved and respected by all. There are probably more examples but they are debatable. Also, most cheap characters are made because of rule of cool, rule of funny, or made for the sake of watch mode. For the case of "retarded characters", there isn't much to say because if you put garbage on the Internet, you could be critisized for it. Today, it is mostly done by kids with the intent to bash each other, leading to popcorn grabbing. A more well made recent series is "Dumanios takes out the trash", for starter. Sometimes, someone don't like seeing their beloved characters getting beat, and it will lead to... ...loads of drama. The MUGEN community has its faire share of drama but are mostly done in public in hope of getting attention. Not even the JudgeSpear community is safe from this. It held a banlist that forbid usage of cheap characters for team creation, unless that character that it is a cheap buster, and there is debates regarding if a specific character should be put on the banlist or not, and this cause problems if it has a huge following. Other subject of discords included various talks about ethics and moral issues regarding MUGEN works, but these are shared among other communities. A drama regarding a specific character was Choiyer's Haruhi Suzimaya. She is near-cheap, but is widely used by some users and apparently has a lot of haters. Then, she got an update that added questionable moves and greatly added fuel to the fire. When people bash Haruhi or even just defeating her in a fair match, there will be some fanboys or fangirls who shouts profanities, clashing with those enjoying the beating, causing some flame wars. MUGEN dramas were one of the reason why JudgeSpear quit the community, besides copyright strikes against him, as probably seen in this quote. Apparently, JudgeSpear himself has a lot of haters, probably due to massive overexposure, and it is also one reason why people hate its fandom. He admitted to have bad behaviors, especially against trolls, as seen in the MugenGuild thread. I seriously fell that this part could be much bigger, as dramas affected all MUGEN communites. Feel free to talk about it if you have good information. Conclusion ? Maybe this is something that should be forgotten but there are people who heard about JudgeSpear but doesn't know who he is. In general, the JudgeSpear Youtube community is a denser and wackier approach of MUGEN but got too big for various veterans' taste. While it was a popular way to showcase MUGEN videos, it could be done without it as the engine could be used for simulating popular match-ups that weren't flash animations from Newgrounds. Maybe a huge community based around the thought of a single person wasn't the best thing for MUGEN but it did introduce the engine to a bigger audience before SaltyBet, fandoms and modern gaming channels did the same. Some of its fads still persist today becauase they worked before. As a kid, I used to watch a lot of JudgeSpear videos, and this is probably why I inform you about it, and that talking about something that was the thing 10 years ago probably leads to nostalgia for some of us. Fell free to talk about the JudgeSpear community if you want. @ HelloMyNameIsAAA
  15. RIP  Greenlight; Hello Steam Direct (Starting June 13) !


    When connecting to the Greenlight page, it says "Thanks you for being part of history !


    Yeah ! Denouncing asset flippers and hostile developers like  "Digital Homicide" sure make me part of "history".