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  1. So predictably, the FCC voted against "net neutrality" and thus automatically "against the entire internet".


    If I were to say anything about this it would be a recommendation to you not to freak out about this. I swear, the same thing happened back in early 2014 and the internet did without "neutrality" for a full year, and it didn't turn into a shithole. And that's not mentioning everything before 2007... this does absolutely nothing, as even when it currently existed, it didn't fully work out as battleforthenet pretended it to be.


    The only effects this vote has is the inevitable outrage of everyone who was against this repeal, and of course one of the top-trending hashtags on Twitter is "#RipInternet".

    Is this for real? Most people have no idea how the internet works, but so many are still super passionate about net neutrality and convinced that without it the internet dies.

    Even without taking 2014 into account (which I can't stress enough), what would ever convince you of such an infantile view?


    I'm not at all convinced that most people freaking out about this have even looked up what net neutrality is... and for that matter, how the internet even functions. This issue just pisses me off. There are certainly ways the freedom on internet in countries is hampered, like anti-privacy laws or actual, genuine government-caused censorship of politically unfavorable websites, this "net neutrality" shit is not one of them.

    1. uaguilar


      It seems you know more about this than i do, then what are all the effects this vote had?

    2. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      @Xiristatos Although I'm no longer worried, I I'm however wondering how all those stolen identities came about that supported the repeal, many of which were from the deseased. O.o

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