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  1. Arxos' AI patch release ('Force AI')

    It sounds like you're using the standard .def files rather than the ForceAI.def files if you say they're not aggressive. Only the default Chartette could be called 'non-aggressive', really (and Hime Len, I guess, because she prefers just jumping circles around you). After looking at it again, it seems that the Rusty that I uploaded was a slightly older version that had a 4x grab bias. I changed her slightly during the recording but I forgot to update the archive unfortunately. Anyway, for all characters except for Rusty (fixed now), Hime Len and White Len Force (due to a 5 week gap between recording and release), I can assure you that all characters in the videos are the EXACT same as the ones you're downloading.
  2. Arxos' AI patch release ('Force AI')

    I use Steam but that's about it, and I'd kind of like to keep that clean of mugen-stuff. Dropping me a PM or contacting me on Twitch is the best way for me, there's a small collection of (private) authors & mugen wizards over at SpriteClub's Twitch chat, really ;) Feel free to join us, I go by the name Erxos4 on Twitch chat. The stream is up 24/7, although this weekend we're covering a lot of Combo Breaker ( so the Mugen stream is off during the time when Combo Breaker is live.
  3. Arxos' AI patch release ('Force AI')

    So a week turned into a month and a week, but oh well. Hime Len and White Len Force released! I've also released 2 new patches: Maximum Seraph and Dark Sonic. Didn't think I'd make a patch for a Sonic, but this guys moveset impressed me. The AI for Dark Sonic is a bit lacklustre compared to my other stuff, but he really doesn't need it, his moveset is incredibly strong.
  4. Hello! I am Arxos, creator of SpriteClub and writer of AI (edit) patches. By all means, please check my patches in the below thread! What is SpriteClub? SpriteClub is an automated Mugen betting site. Featuring a roster of 7000 characters and growing, across 1100 stages, while listening to a playlist of over 2400 songs. Our matchmaking system automatically generates matches and tournaments for everyone to bet on, as well as an exhibition period for users to request matches on. Sign up is free, and all the money is fake. This is purely for fun! What kind of matches can I expect? SpriteClub features several advanced matchmaking methods. SpriteClub's matchmaker will generate 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 and even 3v3 and 4v4 turns-mode matches. It can do so based on a total of 3 different matchmaking algorithms (Division, Rated and Free) to constantly create new, different and exciting matches, no matter how strong or weak a character may be. Besides matchmaking, tournaments are hosted as well. The tournaments range in size from a mere 8-bracket, to a massive 64-bracket -- with either a double or single elimination system. Even larger tournaments are possible, but those are generated manually (for example, we had a multi-day 512-bracket tournament a while back). Tournaments can be generated in every format that matchmaking matches can be generated with. Lastly, there are exhibition matches. Users can request specific characters to duke it out against each other in anything from 1v1 to 4v4 matches. Specify the stage as well as the song that should play during the match to create the exact match you want to see... You are the creator! If you're interested in reading more details about our matchmaking system, check out this thread on our forums. Is there anything else to do on SpriteClub? Recently we have frequently started to do Community Tournaments, where users can select characters or teams to compete in a tournament. Please check out this thread for more details. Besides Mugen betting however, we also do betting on FGC events such as SFV and UMVC3, as well as a few other major Twitch events (most notably, we watch & create silly bets for Games Done Quick events, come join us on July 2nd to July 9th this year!). This is done on the 'Live' version of our website, found here, however note that this part of our site may be inactive for extended periods of time when there are no events of note to cover (currently, we're also a bit understaffed to cover much). Any other special features worth mentioning? I do have some shout outs to some awesome features! - Character sprites and portraits can be viewed on each respective character page. - Characters already on the roster continue to receive updates. Character crashes are often fixed manually, or in case the crash is not so easily fixed, only the unstable palette is banned. - SpriteClub runs on Mugen 1.1! You wanna put zooms on your character? Go ahead, we can handle it! - We've worked hard to convert a sizable number of characters that were thought of as WinMugen only to be compatible with Mugen 1.1. I've actually written a tool for this which may be released at a later date. - Characters with palettes that are unstable or excessively annoying have only that palette banned from exhibitions, rather than the character in its entirety. - Advanced crash detection, in particular with regards to tournaments. If a tournament match gets stuck 3 times in a row, the match is automatically resolved based on round score (or a coinflip if even). Can I add to the roster? Absolutely! This section of our forum details the guidelines for submitting characters or stages to add to our roster, as well as songs for our playlist (keep in mind that your submissions may be rejected, however). New characters are added frequently, currently at a bi-weekly pace. This starts at the first matchmaking session after Friday 8 PM UTC, where for the next 24 hours characters from a large pool of new characters are gradually introduced to the roster during a 'debut' mode. Please check the earlier link for more details. Please feel free to ask any questions!
  5. Arxos' AI patch release ('Force AI')

    Joke Edits These aren't very serious. They're super low effort. Turbo Neff by Dark Ruler This is just the normal Neff, but with Sad Claps code added to it. I swear, that's all that was needed to make him do... this. Saitama by BadBoyz This is just a simple patch that makes him button mash more, as well as remove a problematic NOKO flag (would usually just prevent the game from ending even though Saitama was clearly dead, leading to timeouts). Also, this Akuma here is an AI patch for Legendary Super Saiyan Akuma, made by InfernalSpectre over at SpriteClub. It is a private edit for now. He kinda steals the show, huh?
  6. Arxos' AI patch release ('Force AI')

    All Counter Strike characters by armin_iuf A total of eight of them! These patches make them significantly stronger, sometimes quite cheap even (for one, on popular demand the AWP sniper rifle now 1-shots). General readme for these characters: GSG9 Force Elite Force Please check the above video for GSG9. Character-specific changes: SAS Force Arctic Force Please check the above video for SAS. Character-specific changes: GIGN Force Guerrilla Force Please check the above video for GIGN. Character-specific changes: USN Force Phoenix Force Please check the above video for USN. Character-specific changes:
  7. Hello! My name is Arxos, creator of SpriteClub and various AI patches. By all means, please check out my site, SpriteClub, an automated Mugen betting site in the below thread. This thread is for listing all my AI patches, which currently totals 15 characters, including an additional 2 low-effort joke edits. All my patches are designed for AI vs AI combat on SpriteClub, many of them will be quite unfair for players to battle against. All my patches can be downloaded here: Has download links for both the full versions (original + patch) and patch only versions (will need to download the base separately). Chartette (Force AI) by SXVector Rusty by woman Gogan by IF Azurite (v.1.2) by ReVolUTioN-DeLtA Please check the above video for Gogan. Chartette Force Hime Len by M3 White Len Force by M3 Maximum Seraph by ROCKMarisa Dark Sonic by dshiznetz & Duralminn