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  1. Samurai Shodown Collection

    Anyone got a backup?
  2. Touhou Project

    Ah, thank you. You're so helpful. EDIT: It's a super-cheap, as with Sendai and Tenma, but has a really easy AI, to the point MUGEN's default AI could outdo her. Barely attacks, and while guarding restores life, only guards the attack that hit her last, meaning you can just spam the same two moves over and over and she won't defend or do much to fight back.
  3. Touhou Project

    Which of the files is Junko? I sadly can read very little Japanese, and Google Translate is only so helpful, being admittedly pretty awful.
  4. Soul Calibur Series

    Sad. I kinda wish I could actually play remotely like the actual games rather than just taking watered-down Capcom style (with not-bad sprites). Oh well, thanks for making this archive anyways; it presumably took you a lot of work. :)
  5. Soul Calibur Series

    Hey, anyone know if there's any SC characters who play anything like the actual game? I know it can't be 100% accurate, given SC was a 3d fighter, but a good bulk of these have nothing to do with SC, gameplay-wise. No Guard Impacts, Unblockables, doesn't use the A B K G system, etc.