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  1. Why I've been MIA....

    Well ya know shit hapens. Knowing you you'll be fine. The assholes usually make it out for whatever reason. Why do you think I'm still here?
  2. Mega Dissapointment

    Seemed too good to be true anyway. Best we have is that Megaman cartoon episode where X shows up
  3. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    Facts, now shut the hell up and enjoy it.
  4. Five Word Never Ending Story

    A vicious dick-craving fetishist
  5. I'm back from the Omni in Tennesse. Fuck, my aunt has pricey wants for this vacation! So! What'd I miss?

    1. Jho


      Everyone died

  6. Fighting Game Tips!

    Just realized I went on a bit of a rant here, so I'll just spoiler most of it We can easily say that differences for Geese and Rock are either or a combination of body types, or how they played in their home games
  7. Fighting Game Tips!

    More along the lines of Garou:MotW (Rock's appearing game) and Fatal Fury (Geese's appearence) had different mechanics. So the lieutenancy of the timing is different. This could be due to Rock's Deadly rave using different buttons (hence easier flow) vs Butt's Rushdown Super, in which you mash on HP like a goddamn maniac (hence you have to press the button extremely fast, or you do maximum damage) Both are not too hard B.Janet's 3 super however IS, due to it being a counter. After a Just Defend, press a sequence of buttons just right to cause a very good super. A move only experts could perform
  8. How tall r u? Does height matter to you?

    About 6'2'' I usually don't pay attention to my height on paper, but I know I'm tall enough to bonk my head while I'm in the car sometimes.
  9. MFFA Combat Festival with: Marvel vs Capcom

    Due to no one being around to do this, this tourney will be cancelled. A new tourney will be set up shortly
  10. Images Anyone?

    Pretty sure this stuff belongs in the resources section of the forum and not here, but that's just me and maybe I'm wrong. These look pretty nice by the way
  11. THE NEXT MFFA TOURNAMENT. Should it Continue?

    Hmmmn... Well my computer can't handle any games that I would want on Steam Sold my PS3 and I already have money on my Eshop account So I'll take the Microsoft cash please
  12. THE NEXT MFFA TOURNAMENT. Should it Continue?

    We fought a lot of matches. I managed to win however. I will send the replay to Alp or Ky and let them record the matches. I rather not risk the lag from me doing it. I believe with that, this tourney is (finally) complete. What happens now?
  13. MFFA Combat Festival with: Marvel vs Capcom

    TIME'S UP DJHero, SessoshomaGoku advance. Alp and Kit, you two seem to both be missing at similar times so I'll give you a little more time. Meanwhile these matches must occur kyblackflame vs. DjHero35 SesshoMaGoku24 vs. Brucelee41126
  14. THE NEXT MFFA TOURNAMENT. Should it Continue?

    Haven't seen Black Chaos, so no